Dr Oz, Passion Flower Natures Tranquilizer, L-Theanine, Sleep App

Dr Oz Show Features Passion Flower and L-Theanine – Natural Miracle Tranquilizers

Dr Oz, passionflower natural tranquilizer, l-theanine

Passionflower and L-Theanine Can Help You Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep Naturally!

Today Dr. Oz was talking about miracle oil for belly fat, hearth health, and to prevent Alzheimers. He also talks about beauty “miracles” for women such as thinning hair treatments, and recipes to help you lose weight quickly and easily. During this segment on the show Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Mike Dow about Passion Flower and L-Theanine and how these supplements can help to relax your mind, muscles and relieve anxiety. If you can’t seem to wind down in the evening adding Passion Flower and/or L-Theanine to your diet could be the miracle secret to help you get a full night of restful sleep.

Dr. Oz invited a woman to the stage to talk about sleep difficulties. Regardless of how early she would try to settle down and get a good nights sleep she found herself tossing and turning. She would then have to turn around and go to work on only a few hours of sleep each night.

Passion Flower Powder

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Mike Dow why Passion Flower Powder can be so instrumental in the fight against insomnia. He said that passion flower is fantastic for people who have trouble staying asleep. He calls it “Nature’s best tranquilizer” because it not only relieves your anxiety, it also relieves all the tension in your muscles. He said it works in a similar way as valium in the brain but it’s non addictive. Dr. Oz then asked Dr. Dow how to use Passion Flower Powder and he said you can use it in the following ways.

  • Use 1/2 – 1 teaspoon of Passionflower Powder in drinks or desserts
  • take 1/2 – 1 teaspoon one hour before bedtime

Passionflower only costs about $12.00 for a pound which is almost 100 servings. You can find it online or in most health stores.

L-Theanine Helps You Fall Asleep

Dr. Dow said that L-Theanine is great at helping you to fall asleep. He said that L-Theanine is a naturally found amino acid found in green and black teas. You can buy it in a concentrated supplement form which will help you fall asleep easily. It helps by calming your brain down and relieving anxiety. You can purchase L-Theanine at health food stores for only around 15 dollars.

Sound Therapy App – “White Noise Light”

Dr. Dow recommends a free Sound Therapy App that you can download to your phone called “White Noise Light”. When you are trying to fall asleep your brain is actually scanning the area for sound. So, dripping faucets, creaky floors, or other background noise can keep you up at night. The “White Noise Light” app provides a wide frequency of sounds that will help you drown out background noises. You can choose from 40 different noises, such as white noise, thunderstorms, and many more.. You can also adjust the volume and set a sleep timer quickly and easily.

Pink Noise is the latest trend that people are using to help them fall asleep at night.  Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Breus spoke about pink noise in a recent episode and said that it is even more effective than white noise!