Dr Oz, Penn & Teller Medical Myths, Danger Of Keeping Secrets From Dr

Penn & Teller and Dr. Oz Bust Medical Myths and The Dangers of Keeping Secrets From Your Dr. Oz on February 1, 2013 Episode

World famous magicians Penn and Teller joined Dr. Oz on his February 1, 2013 episode to bust some of the most popular medical myths out there.  Penn and Teller are world renowned for for their comedy and illusions.  Be sure to tune in to this episode to see medical myths, illusions, and health information all intermingled into a hilarious and informative way to discuss commonly held health myths that many people believe to be true.

Ultimate Medical Myths Debunked

Medical myths are always fun episodes because so many people don’t believe that they are myths so they are shocked to find out that their long held beliefs may have never been true to begin with.  When you add Penn and Teller to the the show you create the perfect atmosphere for an entertaining episode of fun, magic, and enlightening health information.  They debunk myths like “Does Gum Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years?” and “Is Memory Loss Inevitable?

Keeping Secrets From Your Doctor Can Be Dangerous

dr oz, keeping secrets from your doctor, talking to your dr.

Keeping Secrets From Your Doctor Can Be Dangerous!

How would you describe your relationship with your doctor?  Do you disclose everything with your doctor despite how embarrassing that they may be?  Dr. Oz does a segment about this topic on his February 1, 2013 show because he thinks it’s an important subject that should be discussed.  Keeping annual exams, being open and honest are very important when it comes to your health.  In fact keeping secrets from your doctor can be dangerous.

Dr. Oz will be talking about the the most commonly held secrets that patients aren’t telling their doctor even though they know that they should.  Find out the reasons why keeping secrets can be putting your health in jeopardy.  Learn why full disclosure is the best policy when discussing your health symptoms you are experiencing with your physician.Like “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to receive show recaps and summaries.  This is an excellent way to read about the topics discussed on Dr. Oz in case you won’t be able to tune in to the show.  You can also Follow Us on twitter  to view links to episode recaps so you can stay up to date on all of the latest health topics that were discussed on the show.