Dr Oz, Personal Paleo Code, Diet Type To Lose 75 lbs in 6 Mo

Dr. Oz Paleo Diet Personal Code For Your Body Type To Lose 75 LBs in 6 Months

On (February 17, 2014) Dr. Oz talked about your personal Paleo Code to help you lose weight over the long term.  He talks about how you can lose 75 lbs over the next 6 months.  The Paleo Diet has become really popular in this country because you can tailor the diet to your own personal needs.

What Is Your Personal Paleo Diet Code?

The Paleo Diet will boost your energy and will burn body fat.  Best of all, you can tailor the diet to your body type to maximize the results that you will get.  Finding your personal Paleo code is easy and just may be the weight loss solution that you have bee searching for.  Now is a better time than ever to get your health back on track so you can live life to the fullest.

What Is The Paleo Diet All About?

The Paleolithic diet is based on a nutritional presumed diet plan of the Paleolithic humans.  The diet consists largely of fish, eggs, vegetables, grass fed and pasture raised meats.  You will not eat any grains, dairy, legumes, potatoes, refined salt or sugar, or processed oils on this diet plan.

Many people believe that the Paleo Diet is the healthiest way in which you can eat because of how it works with your body’s genetics.  It will help give you energy, keep you strong and lean.  All of the processed foods that are in our modern diet has been detrimental to our health and has led to huge increases in obesity, diabetes, heart diesease, depression, and more.

Be sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz February 17, 2014 show to see what Dr. Oz has to say about this diet and how you can find out what your own Personal Paleo code is for your body type!

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