Dr. Oz, Personality Type Quiz & Your Health, Emergency Room Tips

Dr. Oz : Could Your Personality Be Affecting Your Health?  Take The Quiz To Find Out Your Type

On April 4, 2013 Dr. Oz will be talking about how your personality could be affecting your health.  We all have our own unique personality and we interact with each other differently.  Is it possible that our personality could be affecting our health and making ourselves sick?  Dr. Oz will be talking about different types of personalities and how each personality can affect our immunities and cause sickness as well as remedies that we can all follow to improve the our health and the well being of our loved ones.

Take The Personality Quiz!

So, what kind of personality are you?  On the 4-04-2013 episode you can take the personality quiz to find out.  Dr. Oz will be talking about positive changes that you can make to your lifestyle to promote health and wellness.  Find out what personality that you are so you can make the changes necessary to help prevent sickness for not only yourself but for your entire family.

Emergency Room Tips – Life And Death Lessons

Most of us have been to the E.R. at one time or another. Dr. Oz will be inviting emergency room doctors on to the show to talk about critical lessons that he has learned while working in the E.R.  In the unfortunate circumstance where you are headed to the emergency room you are likely to be frightened for your own well being or you are scared for for a loved one who is in dire need of emergency medical help.  The April 4, 2013 episode will share some very important information that you will most surely not want to miss out on.  Learn about tips that we all should know when our health is on the line.

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Special guests to be included on the episode : Dr. Sue Varma & Dr. Sampson Davis