Dr Oz, Personality Types A, B, C, D, Risk For Heart Attack

On Dr. Oz : Which Personality Type Are You & How Likely Are You To Have A Heart Attack?

Everyone who walks the earth has a personality, but did you know that the type of personality you have may be affecting your health?  Today Dr. Oz invited Dr. Sue Varma on to the show to talk about personality types and which personality types raise your risk for a life threatening heart attack.  You may have heard of type A and B personalities, but have you heard of a type C and D?

What Is A Type C Personality?

You have likely already heard about type A and B personalities, but what is a type C?  Here is a short quiz to find out if these personality traits fit you!  With each statement rate yourself from 1 to 5, with 1 being “strongly disagree”, 3 being “neutral” and 5 “strongly agree”.

  • I do not like to confront people if they do something to upset me
  • I feel relieved with someone cancels plans
  • I find that I often put other people before myself

Dr. Sue Varma explained to Dr. Oz that if you answered “strongly agree” (#5) to most of the statements above you are likely to be a type C personality.  She said that Type C peoople tend to be passive and and put others needs in front of their own.  They are known as “people pleasers”.   Another trait about type C people is that they tend to suppress their emotions and typically are homebodies.

Another trait about type C personalities is that they tend to be on the shy side.  Dr. Sue Varma says that type C personalities who bottle up their emotions may often resort to food or alcohol for comfort.

Type D Personality Traits

The next portion of the quiz is about type D personalities.  Dr. Oz said that new studies in science are proving that the type of personality you have can have huge impacts on your health and well being.  Listed below are the questions you should answer to see if you are a type D..  Answer 1 for “strongly disagree”, 3 for neither agree or disagree, or 5 for “strongly agree”

    • If you see someone you know at the grocery store you are likely to be the first to say hello
    • I anticipate Holidays, weddings, and other family oriented events
    • I tell my close friends when I am stressed

I am usually happy the majority of the time and typically think that problems in my life will work themselves out

If you mostly disagreed with the above statements then you are likely a type D personality.  Dr. Varma explained to Dr. Oz that type D people are usually pessimistic and try to avoid social interaction whenever possible.  They usually suppress their emotions and stress.  Dr. Varma said that people that fall in to the type D category run a greater risk for cardiovascular problems because of the emotional duress that they often bury inside.