Dr Oz, Pickle Juice Benefits, Is Squirrel Meat Good For You, Honey Heals Wounds

Dr. Oz & Duck Dynasty – Fact Or Fiction – Is Squirrel Meat Healthy? – Honey Helps To Heal Wounds

The Duck Dynasty family certainly marches to the beat of their own drum and live a life that is very compelling (and entertaining) to millions of people who tune in to see their reality show each week. On today’s (September 16, 2013) The Duck Dynasty cast appeared on Dr. Oz to talk about their storybook life in and out of the public persona. During this segment on the show Dr. Oz has a game show style trivia challenge of the show called “Real Or Quack”, and talk about if eating squirrel meat is healthy for you or not.  Also, be sure to check out the followup segment when Dr. Oz talks to the men about their beards and if there are any health benefits to having a beard.

Is Squirrel Meat Good For You?

The Robertson family, from Duck Dynasty love to hunt, with squirrel being one of the delicacies that often graces their table during family meals. So, is squirrel meat healthy? Dr. Oz said that squirrel meat is quite good for you. Squirrel meat is very lean and low in saturated fat!

Real Or Quack Dr. Oz played a trivia game with the cast of Duck Dynasty and asked them health related qustions. Jase, Uncle Si, Willie, and Phil answered the following questions on today’s (9-16-2013) “Real Or Quack” trivia segment:

Do muscadine berries prevent heart disease? – Jase said that he believes that Muscadine berries do prevent heart disease. He was correct. Dr. Oz said that yes they do.

Was Phil only 18 years old when he got married to Miss K? This question was asked to Dr. Oz. He answered yes.. However, he was wrong! Phil and Miss K were married when they were only 16 years old!

Do beards keep growing after death? – Jase answered yes, but he was wrong. No, once you die, everything stops growing.

Is Uncle Si the “Head of Shipping” at Duck Dynasty’s company? – No. Uncle Si doesn’t have a job

Is pickle juice good for relieving stomach cramps? – Yes! Athletes even drink pickle juice to help combat dehydration.

Is Seinfeld Willie’s favorite Seinfeld program? – Dr. Oz answered the next “Real Or Quack” question. Dr. Oz guessed that this statement was real. He was correct. Seinfeld is Willie’s favorite television show.

Does Honey Heal Wounds? – Jase answered “Real”.. He was correct. Honey has antibacterial properties that help to heal wounds naturally.

Phil passed up an NBA contract because of duck season – No, this isn’t true. He actually gave up an NFL contract!

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