Dr Oz, Pickle Juice Remedy For Hangovers, Hydrogen Peroxide Ear Cleaner

Dr. Oz Talks About How To Ease Your Hangover With Pickle Juice & Cleaning Your Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide

Wouldn’t it be nice to have Dr. Oz at your disposal to ask him any health related question that you wanted?  On today’s show, Dr. Oz’s closest friends shared some of their favorite tips and advice.

Remedy Hangover That Really Works : Pickle Juice

pickle juice hangover remedy

Pickle juice is an effective remedy for hangovers!dr. oz tw

Ever indulge in alcohol a little more than you should have?  Dr. Oz invited one of his friends on to the show to talk about a hangover remedy that really works.  Gary goes to a lot of wine tastings, which can occasionally lead to a hangover the next day.  The tip he got from Dr. Oz was to drink 1/4 cup of pickle juice to cure a hangover.  He said that this tip really does work.

Clean Your Ears With Hydrogen Peroxide

Here are some of the other tips that personal friends of Dr. Oz shared from today’s show :

  • Dr. Oz advised his friend Michelle to not send out emails when you are feeling too emotional.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent way to cleanse your ears of germs
  • Dr. Oz’s roommate from back when he was in college said to take short periodic naps throughout the day.
  • Add spices to your child’s food to help develop their pallete
  • Two bite diet trick – Dr. Oz told his neighbor (Lisa) a diet trip that allows you to enjoy your favorite treats.  Take two bits of any type of food that you enjoy regardless of what it is.. Cake????? After you take your two bites wash it down with a full glass of water.

Benefits Of Eating Kale

Kale offers many beneficial health benefits because it is so nutrient dense.  Dr. Oz invited Gayle King on to the show to share a few more tips that he has shared with her :

  • Eat kale chips (great alternative to potato chips)
  • Increase your Vitamin B intake by eating foods like sweet potatoes, soy milk, and bananas.

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