Dr Oz, No Pill Pain Solution, OMT for Back, Patch for Knee, Ultrasound

Dr. Oz Talks About “No Pill Pain Solutions” For Knee and Back Pain – OMT Therapy, Patches and Ultrasound Treatments

Chronic pain afflicts millions of people all across the country..  For many people prescription pain medications are their source of relief from pain.  However, prescription medications also carry risk for addiction along with other unpleasant side effects.  Today (April 16, 2014) Dr. Oz spoke about “No Pill Pain Solutions” for chronic knee and back pain.  He discusses ultrasound treatments, OMT (Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment) therapy, and pain patches for knee pain.  Instead of reaching for the medications, try an alternative treatment that can ease your pain without all of the side effects.

OMT Therapy For Back Pain

Many people experience back pain every day to the point where doing day to day tasks is a chore.  For the majority of people who experience back pain it is in the lower back region.  OMT Therapy can be an effective treatment for those who suffer from lower back pain.

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Lilia gorodinsky on to the show to talk about OMT therapy and how it what it consists of.  Dr. Gorodinsky explained that OMT therapy is a way of realigning your body.  She said that OMT therapy doesn’t work for everybody but it is worth a try.  Dr. Oz said that approximately 30% of patients receive relief from OMT therapy. Dr. Gorodinsky said that many insurance companies do cover OMT therapy so it may be beneficial for you to ask your insurance company to see if they cover this form of treatment.

Knee Pain Solutions That Don’t Require Medication

25 percent of people will experience knee pain in their life.  Fortunately there are treatments and therapies that can alleviate knee pain without resorting to medications.

Ultrasound Therapy – Dr. Levi Harison said that ultrasound therapy is such a good option because it is non invasive.  Dr. Harrison said that ultrasound treatments are often used with athletes.  Ultrasound therapy works by using high frequency sound waves that send heat into the deep layers of the tissue.  The treatment doesn’t cause any additional pain.  The treatments are affordable at 50-100 dollars per treatment.

Pain Patches For Shoulder and Knee Pain

Shoulder pain is another common complaint that people have.  Dr. Oz said that many people have Bursitis, which is basically inflammation in the shoulder area.  Pain patches are excellent choices for relieving pain in the shoulder area.  FDA approved pain patches include :

  • Patches that contain Menthol – The menthol numbs the pain for temporary relief
  • Medicated – Helps to reduce inflammation in the tissues.
  • Prescription pain patches

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