Dr. Oz, Pink Noise, Light Box Therapy, Insomnia + Natural Sleep Cures

Dr. Oz Talks About Natural Insomnia Cures : Pink Noise, Light Box Therapy, Banana Peels Natural Sleep Remedies

Do you constantly struggle with insomnia and can never seem to get a single night of sound and peaceful sleep.  Today Dr. Oz invited Dr. Michael Breus on to the show to share some of his favorite natural insomnia cures and sleep remedies to help you get a good nights rest without resorting to prescription medications.

“Pink Noise” Helps You To Fall Asleep

Dr. Michael Breus said that “Pink Noise” is a wonderful way to help you drift off to sleep at night.  Most people have heard of white noise, but Dr. Breus said that pink noise can help you to relax and beat the insomnia bug.  Here are some of it’s benefits :

  • Pink noise is easier to listen to than white noise
  • Puts the brain into a relaxed state
  • Pink noise sounds similar to a heavy rain storm
  • Many people report that it works better than their prescription meds

Banana Peel Sleep Remedy

Magnesium helps you to relax and night and is helpful in the treatment of insomnia.  Many people often wake up after only sleeping an hour or to.  All throughout they night they fall asleep only to wake up again an hour or two later.  Dr. Breus explained to Dr. Oz and the audience why banana peels are a natural remedy for people who have a hard time staying asleep.  Dr. Breus said that banana peels have a bitter taste but you can prepare them in a way that will help you sleep without the bitterness.  Here are the suggestions he gave on today’s (November 13, 2013) show :

  • Cut the ends off the banana and put the banana (with the peel) in a pot of water and boil for 10 minutes
  • Cut the banana into chunks and sprinkle with cinnamon
  • Eat 1 hour before you go to bed at night

Light Box Therapy

The next insomnia cure that Dr. Breus talked about is for people who wake up before their alarm goes off.  If you find that you wake up way to early in the morning, Light Box Therapy could be the solution that you have been looking for.

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