Dr. Oz, Plant Sterols Lower Cholesterol, Alternative To Statin Drugs

Dr. Oz Talks About Plant Sterols As An Effective Alternative (From Statin Drugs) To Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol

High levels of bad LDL cholesterol has been known to increase your risks of heart disease.  Many people don’t realize that there is a safe alternative to statin drugs called “plant sterols” that you can consume or take in supplement form to lower your cholesterol levels.  On today’s May 9 episode Dr. Oz spoke with Dr. Melina Jampolis about how plant sterols are a cheap and affordable natural way to lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk for heart disease.

Research has show that plant sterols can lower your cholesterol by 14 percent.  You can find plant sterols in many fruits and veggies.  They work by preventing cholesterol from being absorbed into your arteries.  Dr. Jampolis said that science has known this for half of a decade but many people are still not aware of this safe alternative option.  She said that she thinks that the major problem is that most people just aren’t aware of plant sterols and what they can do for you.

Plant sterols are a naturally occurring compound that is found in food that can prevent the cholesterol from food that you eat from being absorbed into your body.  Statins are a prescription drug that can lower your cholesterol but they are also costly and have many side effects.

LDL Cholesterol Increases Your Chances For Strokes, Heart Disease, and Kidney Failure

A woman from the audience named Krystal came to the stage to talk with Dr. Oz.  She said that her cholesterol was at 148 despite the fact that she watches her diet and exercises.  She said that high cholesterol is a genetic trait that runs in her family.When you have high cholesterol your arteries harden and are inflexible and full of plaque.  This leads to an increased risk for heart attacks, stroke, and kidney failure.

Dr. Oz said that he would recommend plant sterols for anyone with an LDL cholesterol between 130-159.Plant Sterols Dosage Level.

One of Dr. Melini Jampoli’s patients named Pam said that she switched from Statins to Plant Sterols because she was experiencing unpleasant side effects.  She stated that her cholesterol dropped 50 points and she has managed to keep her cholesterol levels at that number.Dr. Jampolis said that if y ou are currently taking a statin or any other prescription you should not stop taking your medication before you personally speak with a doctor.  You may also be able to combine the two, but be sure to talk with your physician first.  Dr. Jampolis recommends 2000 mg daily of plant sterols to lower your cholesterol by 14 percent.

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