Dr Oz, Prescription Coupons, Arnica Gel, Black Elderberry Syrup Remedy

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Dr Oz March 7 Recap : Cheap Superfoods, 5 Remedies For Common Complains, Prescription Coupons

Today’s Dr. Oz show was about all natural cures for 5 of your most common ailment, cheap super foods under 1 dollar, how to use coupons as medications and prescription meds that are shockingly high in salt.  Listed below are the episode segments that were featured from today’s March 7, 2014 show :

How To Use Coupons For Prescription Medications and Cheap Superfoods Under A Dollar

Dr. Oz invited Stacia Woodcock to talk about how you can save money on your trips to the drugstore.  Stacia talks about how yo can use coupons for prescription medications the same was that you can for food.  Stacia shares her tips on how find the best coupons online.  Stacia also shares tips on what you should ask your insurance company to get better deals to help you save a lot of money.  She also gives some advice on how to choose a pharmacy that may give you discounts for certain medications.

Dr. Oz also shares some of his favorite superfoods that can be purchased for under 1 dollar.

Prescription Medication Coupons and Cheap Superfoods

Black Elderberry Syrup, Ginger Tea, Arnica Gel, Pumpkin Seeds and Yoga

Dr. Oz talks about 5 natural remedies to ease pain, stomach discomfort, stress and insomnia.

  • Dr.  Oz talks about why Ginger Tea can soothe stomach discomfort
  • Black Elderberry Syrup boosts immune system
  • Yoga positions to help ease stress
  • Pumpkin seeds help with insomnia

Read the full summary of this segment and find out why these 5 natural remedies are so beneficial!

Black Elderberry, Arnica Gell, Pumpkin Seeds, Yoga, Ginger Tea Remedies

Salt Bombs, Natural Stress and Pain Remedies

Dr. Oz shares natural remedies for stress and pain.  Dr. Oz also talks about hidden “salt bombs” that are in your prescription medications.  Find out which meds are high in salt and tips on how to be able to tell if your medications may be high in salt as well.

5 Natural Fixes For Pain and Stress, Medications High In Salt

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