Dr Oz, Prevent Heart Attack, Vitamin D, Aspirin, Healthy Chip Maker

Dr. Oz Talks About Warning Signs and Supplements To Prevent A Heart Attack

Today Dr. Oz invited Ariel Joseph Town on to the show to talk about how to improve your Home’s Feng Shui to get a more restful and peaceful sleep.  During this segment on today’s show Dr. Oz talked about how you can prevent a heart attack and household kitchen gadgets improve your health.  He closed the segment by giving a tip on what everyone should have in their bathroom’s medicine cabinet.

Healthy Vegetable Chip Maker

Instead of just reaching for a bag of potato chips that you know are fattening and can clog your arteries. Consider reaching for a bowl of vegetable chips instead.  Dr. Oz invited Danny Seo on to the show to talk about a healthy chip maker that will allow you to enjoy homemade chips of beets, potatoes, and other vegetables.  Without unhealthy oils and salt being added..  Danny Seo suggests using a mandolin to slice your vegetables. Microwave for 4 minutes and enjoy!  Some of the features about the healthy chip maker include :

  • Made by mastrad
  • Made of premium silicone
  • Interlocking trays allow you to cook more then one tray of chips at a time.
  • No need for extra fats or oils to be added
  • Dishwasher safe

Debbie Meyer Ultra Lite Green Boxes

Debbie Meyer Ultra Lite storage containers are BPA free and they can help to extend the life of your fruits and veggies by up to 4 weeks.  This will save you money while keeping your fridge stocked with healthy fruits and veggies.  Spoilage is the top reason why vegetables have to be thrown out before you have a chance to enjoy them.Supplements and Body Clues To Prevent A Heart Attack

Clues You Are More Likely To Have A Heart Attack

  • Receding hairline at the temporal area or the back of the head
  • An earlobe crease
  • Yellow deposits around the eye

Tips To Prevent A Heart Attack

    • 1,000 IU’s of Vitamin D per day can lower your heart attack risk
    • Aspirin – If you think that you may be experiencing a heart attack chew 325 milligrams of aspirin. Chewing the aspirin helps because it thins your blood quickly.

Add a cell phone wall mount – Have a wall mount installed to put your cell phone so you will know exactly where your cell phone is in case of an emergency.

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