Dr Oz, Prevent Heart Disease With Aspirin, Sleep, Laughing, Weight Loss

Dr. Oz Talks About 10 Things About Heart Disease Women Should Know

Dr. Oz is a heart surgeon by trade, so obviously heart disease is a topic that he is very passionate about.  On today’s (October 2, 2013) Dr. Oz talks about important heart attack prevention tips that every woman should know.  To really connect with his fans Dr. Oz interacted with fans from interactive social media websites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  The response was incredible and here was some of the tips that were shared :

Getting 7-8 Hours Of Sleep Is Good For Your Heart

Dr. Oz said that getting sufficient sleep (7 to 8 hours) is a great way to keep your heart healthy.  Dr. Oz asked his fans to share funny videos related to sleep during this portion of the show and Youtube users sent in some hilarious vids.Losing Weight Reduces Risk For Heart DiseaseDr. Oz has often talked about how losing weight can help to prevent heart disease.  Dr. Oz had fans from Instagram post weight loss pics.. Did you know that losing just 10 lbs is enough to lower your risk for heart disease?

Laughter Truly Is The Best Medicine

Dr. Oz said that laughing relaxes your arteries that can lower your risk for heart disease.  Dr. Oz interacted with fans via twitter and they posted their favorite jokes.  Laughing not only puts a smile on your face, but it truly is good for your health as well!

One Cocktail Per Day Is Good For Your Heart

The next social media website Dr. Oz interacted with is Pinterest.  Fans posted cocktail recipes that are heart healthy.  ONE drink a day can help to strengthen your heart.

Aspirin Can Stop A heart Attack

The next social media outlet that Dr. Oz used was through Facebook.  Dr. Oz can help to stop a heart attack so Dr. Oz asked his fans where they store their aspirin bottles.  Having aspirin nearby is important in case you or someone you love experiences a potentially life threatening heart attack.

Know Your Family History

Does heart disease run in your family? Knowing your family history can be be very important in knowing your potential risks for heart disease. Dr. Oz had instagram users to post pics of their family.

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