Dr Oz, Prevent Memory Loss? Juggle To Exercise Brain, Penn & Teller

Is Memory Loss Inevitable?  Penn and Teller Guest’s and Dr. Oz Talk About Medical Myths and How To Juggle

With each passing day we are all getting older and there is nothing that we can do about it. However, is memory loss also inevitable or is there a way to keep your brain strong and healthy all throughout your senior years?  Dr. Oz invited the hilarious Penn and Teller perform magic tricks that related to memory loss.  Dr. Oz then does a demonstration and offers an explanation about the loss of memory.  Penn and Tell also teach the viewers how to juggle towards the end of the segment.  Also check out other medical myths that Dr. Oz talked about on the show such as “Does Chewing Gum Stay In Your Stomach For 7 Years?

Can You Prevent Memory Loss?

memory loss, juggling to exercise brain

Juggling Will Exercise Your Brain and Prevent Memory Loss

Is there a way to keep our brain sharp or is it inevitable that our cognitive function is going to decline as we get older?  Penn and Teller use a nail gun trick to debunk this myth.  Penn shoots nails into a board and then suddenly shoots the nail gun into his hand, but of course a nail doesn’t shoot through his hand.  The secret is that they put spaces in the gun while loading and when those spaces come up the gun will shoot nothing but air.  The secret to the trick is memorizing where the spaces are so Penn really doesn’t shoot a nail through his hand!  He then shot some nails into the board and then shot his hand when the “spaces” came up.  He did this very quickly and I don’t think I would ever do that even if I did have the sequence memorized!

Dr. Oz said there are many things that we can do to keep our memory strong as we get older.  He says that it’s a myth that we have to lose our memory as we get older.  Dr. Oz did a demonstration on stage explaining why we lose our memory and what we can do to prevent it.  He had Penn and Teller put on purple gloves and they looked at two real brains on stage.  He said that during your 20’s your brain is as robust as it will ever be.  As we get older our brain cells shrink.  In the middle of the brain is the hippocampus.  This is where we retain our memory.  Dr. Oz said that memory loss is not only preventable, it is also reversible!  The secret is that you have to exercise your brain.

How To Juggle To Make Your Brain Bigger

Penn and Teller demonstrated on stage how to juggle.  Dr. Oz says that learning to juggle can actually make your brain bigger so he recommends that everybody learns how to juggle.  Dr. Oz showed some brain images from a recent study of two brains.  He showed an image of a brain of somebody who learned how to juggle.  The color actually grew in size as he learned how to juggle.  He said that new cells generate from all the coordination between your eyes and your hands that you have to accomplish when you juggle. Penn started out with burning torches.. Obviously you shouldn’t use burning torches to learn how to juggle so Dr. Oz came out with three apples and started juggling right beside Penn.

Here Is How To Juggle

A woman came out of the audience and joined Dr. Oz on stage.  Penn started out by giving her one small ball.  He said to start out by throwing the ball from your right hand to your left hand and then from your left hand to your right hand.  Make sure that you make the throws back and for exactly the same. Make them symmetrical back and forth.

Penn said to keep the speed nice and slow.  When you add the second ball wait until the first ball is at the top of it’s arc.  This is the exact time that you throw the second ball under the first ball.  When you add the third ball you toss it up when the second ball is at it’s highest arc.  The woman had some trouble on stage but it’s obviously a skill that will take some practice and it’s a great way to exercise your brain and prevent memory loss!