Dr Oz, Puffy Face & Thyroid Problems, Digestive Ailments, Moisture

John Kortum Talks About Self Diagnosing Thyroid and Digestive Problems on Dr. Oz

Today Dr. Oz invited John Kortum on to the show to talk about Intuitive Perception Techniques and how you can look for body clues to diagnose physical ailments.  During this segment Dr. Oz and John Kortum talk about  your body moisture level, as well as clues to look for breast and thyroid conditions.

Can A Puffy Face Mean You Have Thyroid Problems?

Dr. Oz brought three women on to the stage to put John Kortum to the test.  Two out of the three women have thyroid problems and John was to find the woman who doesn’t have any thyroid issues.  John told Dr. Oz that you can use your senses to pick up clues and perceive textures.  In essence you can visualize what is going on inside your body by using visual perception techniques on the appearance and texture of the external body.  He said you can “touch a person using your eyes.”   After examining the three women John was successfully able to diagnose the two women who have thyroid issues and the one woman who doesn’t.  He diagnosed the women who do indeed have thyroid problems by examining their cheeks too look and see if they were puffy which could be an indicator of thyroid issues.

Self Diagnose Digestive Problems

Joh Kortum said that there are signs you can look for in a person’s face to tell if they may have digestive problems.  Dr. Oz displayed photos of people’s faces. Two of the photos were of people who have digestive problems.  It was John Kortum’s challenge to find the ones who had digestive ailments.  John said that people that have digestive problems often have a dark and dense look to their face.

What Is Your Life Span Moisture Level?

Your “Life Span Moisture Level” is your body’s biological power supply that keeps your health in balance.  When examining a person John looks for the moisture in their skin and gives it a score between 0-100.  He said a 100% score is pretty rare and he gets concerned when a person’s score drops below 50% because this is when people may experience health problems.  He gave an example of when he looks at a cancer patient he tells them to continue their current treatment if he see’s that their skin moisture level is good.  Dr. Oz said that this technique is also used in his practice.  He said that they can often tell how well a patient will do during their surgery by looking at their skin’s moisture level.

How can you improve your moisture level?  John Kortum said that you need to eat healthy foods so you will absorb nutrients better and you will improve your life span moisture level.

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