Dr Oz, Hair Straightener, Eye Circle Remedy, Paltrow Tips & Recipe

Dr. Oz August 29, 2013 Topics – Affordable Cosmetic Secrets, Gwyneth Paltrow Interview

The beautiful actress/singer/entertainer was invited on today’s August 29, 2013 Dr. Oz episode to talk about a health scare and what she has done since to turn her health around.  Gwyneth also shares healthy recipes and tips for living a healthy lifestyle.  Other segments talk about anti-aging secrets that the cosmetic industry doesn’t want you to know about.  Find out how to get rid of dark circles under your eyes with a remedy that you can make in your kitchen.  Here are the episode segments that were featured on August 29, 2013 :

Anti-Aging & Cosmetic Secrets The Cosmetics Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know

Dr. Oz invited beauty and cosmetic experts on to the show to talk about affordable anti-aging secrets that really work.  Have you tried expensive eye creams that simply don’t work?  Dr. Oz talks about some of the anti-aging claims the cosmetic industry and which “buzz words” they throw out to entice you to spend your money on expensive creams and beauty products. Instead of just throwing money at the expensive product, Dr. Oz talks about affordable cosmetic products that really work!  Dr. Oz and Lora Condon talk about a hair coloring kit that will look as if you spent a lot of money at a salon. They discuss Retin-A creams, purology hair straightener serums, and a home remedy for dark circles under your eyes.  They also talk about natural anti-aging remedies to look 5 years younger like borage oil and meadowfoam seed.

Dr Oz, Cosmetic Secrets – Pureology Hair Straighteners, Remedy For Dark Eye Circles

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Veggie Dumpling Recipe

Gwyneth Paltrow went through a recent health scare when doctors determined she had a Vitamin D deficiency, suffered from anemia, and had severe migraine headaches.  Her doctor put her on an elimination diet and she has been doing so much better ever since!  Here is the veggie dumpling recipe that Gwyneth shared on today’s August 29, 2013 episode.

Veggie Dumplings Recipe by Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Health Tips & Remedies

Gwyneth Paltrow has transformed your health and you can too!  Gwyneth put forth a lot of research when she decided to make the treatment to take control of her health and here are the remedies she shared on Dr. Oz that will help treat digestive and sleeping problems.  She also shares a remedy that she uses that combats germs. Here is the summary of the entire segment :

Gwyneths Health Remedies For Sleep & Digestive Problems

Guests to be appearing on the Dr. Oz August 29, 2013 episode : Gwyneth Paltrow, Lora Condon, Rodney Cutler, Perry Romanowski

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