Dr Oz, Purple Diet Good For You? Vibrating Exercise Machine Work?

Dr. Oz Wacky Health Trend Reviews : Is The Purple Diet Good For You? – Does The Vibrating Exercise Machine Help You Lose Weight?

Today’s Dr. Oz show covered some very interesting topics to say the least.  People are always ready to try the “trendy” diet or exercise gadget that promises to improve your health and help you to lose weight.  Do they work? Or are they just a scam?  During this segment Dr. Oz reviews “The Purple Diet” and why people are eating only purple foods to detox, lose weight, and to help them look younger.  Dr. Oz also reviews a vibrating exercise machine that promises to help you to lose weight.  Would this be a good investment or a total waste of money?  Read on to find out what Dr. Oz has to say about these wacky health trends that are growing in popularity.

Wacky Trend #1 – The Purple Food Diet – Is It Healthy And Safe?

You may have heard of the Purple Food Diet.. If not, you will likely be hearing more about it in the near future.  While growing in popularity the question is out there, “Is it safe to only be eating purple foods?”  To help Dr. Oz answer this question, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez (a gastroenterologist) was invited on to the show to discuss this topic.

Dr. Oz said that the Purple Diet has gained popularity in Hollywood which has spurred the trend that is sweeping the country.  Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said that purple foods are very healthy for you and are packed full of nutrients.  However, you still should have more variety in your diet to achieve optimal health.

Wacky Trend #2 – Vibrating Exercise Machines – Do They Work?

Vibrating exercise machines are one of the latest exercise gadgets that claims they can help you lose weight.  Are they effective at helping you achieve your weight loss goals?  Mary Roach went to NASA where they are testing vibrating exercise machines to see if they can help prevent bone loss (NASA found that it wasn’t effective).  However, Dr. Jorge Rodriguez said that vibrating machines may not help you lose weight, they can be useful in helping you to strengthen your muscles.  He said that they can be especially effective at giving your core muscles a workout.  Dr. Oz also said that vibrating exercise machines have also proven to be effective for people that experience lower back pain.

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