Dr Oz, Questions Asked in Jillian Michaels Interview

Dr Oz Sits Down With Jillian Michaels From The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser is back for another season and millions of people will live vicariously through the lives of contestants as they struggle, persevere, some fail, while others triumph in their battle against the bulge.  Today, Dr. Oz sat down with Jillian Michaels for an interview to ask her some questions about the show as well as her own personal challenges.  He also talks about Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper’s Exercise and Training Tips  for contestants and viewers at home.

Why Is The Biggest Loser So Popular?

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Dr. Oz Asks Jillian Michaels About The Contestants On The Biggest Loser

Dr. Oz asked Jillian Michaels this question to start off the interview.  Jillian thinks the show is such a hit because people can root for and live vicariously through the contestants in the comfort of their homes.  When they see the contestants facing and overcoming struggles they begin to believe that they can achieve success as well.

Jillian went on to say that the biggest hurdle that the contestants come up against are the psychological roadblocks that they come up against.  As a defense mechanism against these psychological hurdles many contestants become defensive because they are scared.

Why Did Jillian Leave The Biggest Loser?

Jillian said that while she loved The Biggest Loser she was interested in exploring other interests in her life.  She soon realized that she missed working with the contestants on the show to  help them achieve goals to lose weight.  After taking a two year hiatus from the show, she is back and ready to help the contestants reach their goals and improve their lives.

Jillian Michaels Had Her Own Struggles With Her Weight

As a teenager Jillian had her own weight struggles.  She explained to Dr. Oz that this is one of the reasons why she feels that she is successful at helping the contestants on the show to lose weight.

Does Jillian Michaels Like All The Contestants?

Dr. Oz asked Jillian what takes place if she doesn’t like a particular contestant on the show.  She said that she doesn’t like every contestant but she still wants to help them achieve their weight loss goals, even if that mean finding a different trainer on the show or outside of the show altogether.  She said that she wants all of the contestants to achieve success and to reach all of their weight loss goals.

Bob Harper Is Thrilled To Have Jillian Michaels Back

Bob Harper has been on The Biggest Loser since the show began.  He strongly feels that Jillian belongs on the show.  When she came back it was as if she was coming home.  He says that they may drive each other crazy at times but he is still glad to have her back on the show.