Dr Oz, Red Laser & Coupon Sherpa Grocery Store App, Shopping List

Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List To Save Money – Grocery Store Apps and Dollar Savers

Today’s (August 26, 2013) Dr. Oz was all about saving money while living a healthy lifestyle at the same time.  Living healthy doesn’t mean you have to spend more if you know where the bargains are.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about the grocery store apps (Red Laser & Coupon Sherpa) that will help you save money while in the grocery store.  Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Shopping List also shares dollar savers that you may overlook but are necessities for everyone’s household.  Also be sure to check out Dr. Oz’s Grocery List of items you should be adding to your cart.

Must Haves From The Dollar Store

Dr. Oz invited Dr. Phillip Blanc on to the show to share some must have dollar store lifesavers.  While they may only cost 1 dollar, they could ultimately save your life!  Dr. Blanc is a physician who works in an emergency room and has seen it all.  He said that many times the patients injuries are totally preventable.  For just a few dollars you can save a lot of money and prevent serious injury to yourself or your loved ones.

Anti-Slip Mat

Dr. Blanc gave the startling statistic that there are over 9 million visits each year to the Emergency Room because of accidental falls.  Many of these falls results from slippery surfaces in the bathroom and the kitchen.  A anti-slip mat from the Dollar Store will help to prevent many of these falls from occurring and keeping your from having to make a costly and painful trip to the emergency room!

First Aid Kit – Every household should have a first aid kit on hand.  A simple first aid kit from the dollar store can help to keep you out of the hospital room and even save your life!  Dr. Blanc recommended having a first aid kit in your home, in your vehicle, and also at your work.

Grocery App Reviews To Save Money – Red Laser, Coupon Sherpa, and Shortcuts Coupons

Red Laser App – This is a very handy app that allows you to scan products at the grocery store using your smart phone!  The Red Laser app puts a barcode scanner on to your phone.  The scanner will give you the prices of the item your purchasing at your current and surrounding stores that carry the same product.  Find out where the best deals really are in town and get the most bang for your buck.

ShortcutsShortcuts.com finds all the stores near your home and allows you to print of coupons to all of your local stores in one easy location. Quickly print out coupons for all the items that interest you to save money that really adds up.

Coupon Sherpa – This app finds the best deals on your smart phone.  You simply load the app while in the store to find the best deals available.  Coupon Sherpa also gives you all the best deals that all stores in your area are offering as well.

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