Dr Oz, Red Palm Oil Benefits, Heart Health, Alzheimers, Burn Belly Fat

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13 Miracles In 2013 – Red Palm Oil For Heart and Brain Health (As Well As A Fat Burner)

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Red Palm Oil can improve your heart and brain health as well as act as a belly fat burner!

Will 2013 be the year that you transform your health? If Dr. Oz has anything to say about it then yes it will be! Today Dr. Oz talked about 13 miracles to help you to sleep better, lose weight, look younger, improve your brain function, hair treatments for thinning hair, Chris Powell Recipes To Lose 20 Pounds, and much more. In case you forgot to set your DVR be sure to browse all the topics that were discussed on today January 3, 2013 show. During the opening segment Dr. Oz talked about Red Palm Oil and how it just may be the “Miracle of Longevity”.. To help him with this opening segment Dr. Oz invited Bryce Wylde who is the author of Wylde on Health to talk about how Red Palm Oil is so beneficial to your long term health.

Bryce Wylde loves Red Palm Oil because of the 1-2 punch that it provides your body. First of all it contains Carotene which is a potent antioxidant.. Carotene is what gives Red Palm Oil it’s color and has more Carotene than veggies such as Tomatoes and Carrots. In fact, it contains more of this powerful antioxidant than both of these vegetables combined!

Red Palm Oil also contains a powerful form of Vitamin E called “Tocotrienols”. Tocotrienols provide heart protective benefits. They also offer protection for your cells and all the tissues in your body.

Is Red Palm Oil Healthier than Olive Oil?

You have probably heard about extra virgin olive oil and how it is one of the healthiest oils you can use.. Dr. Oz said Red Palm Oil is another healthy oil that can lower your risks of many diseases such as heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s. Red Palm Oil has more antioxidant power than olive oil and almond oil combined! Bryce Wild said to receive health benefits you only need 2 tablespoons per day!

Red Palm Oil Health Benefits

Bryce Wylde said that you can improve your brain function and decrease your chances of getting Alzheimer’s Disease and/or dementia by adding Red Palm Oil to your diet. To know that you can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by simply replacing your cooking oil truly does sound like a miracle!

As most of Dr. Oz viewers are well aware of, he is a cardiologist and top health surgeon performing many heart surgeries every year. Red Palm Oil helps to improve blood flow in your arteries to help keep your heart healthy. Red Palm Oil has the ability to lower your cholesterol. In fact, Dr. Oz said that a recent study showed that people who consumed Red Palm Oil lowered their cholesterol by 40% in just one month! He then went on to say that this drastic of reduction is comparative or better than what medication can provide!

Red Palm Oil As A Fat Fighter

Red Palm Oil does even more than protect your brain and heart. It also helps to fight belly fat. Bryce Wylde explained to Dr. Oz that Red Palm Oil boosts your metabolism and helps to burn belly fat. Dr. Oz cited a study that suggested that women were able to lose their belly fat by simply adding Red Palm Oil to their diet.

How To Add Red Palm Oil To Your Diet

Try these simple suggestions in your every day cooking and food preparation.

  • Use instead of butter on your toast
  • Apply red palm oil on to your potato instead of butter
  • Add some oil to your oatmeal for breakfast
  • Red Palm Oil has a high heat tolerance so you can use it in stir fry without fear of losing it’s health benefits!