Dr Oz, Reduce Cancer Risk by 40%, Live Longer / Longevity Precription

Prescription For Longevity and Reduce Your Risk For Cancer By 40% on Dr. Oz March 6 2013 Episode

Dr Oz, longevity, reduce cancer risk

Dr. Oz Super Longevity Prescription Plan on March 6 2013 Episode

Most of us want to live not only a long life, but also a healthy life as well.  On the March 6, 2013 episode, Dr. Oz will be sharing his “Prescription For Longevity”, and how you can reduce your risk of getting cancer by 40%.  If you will be unable to tune in to the show consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view show recaps and summaries and your own leisure while you are browsing Facebook.With each passing day we all are getting older.

As the years go by those nagging aches and pains tend to increase, we look older, and in general we feel older.  However, this isn’t mandatory.  On 3-6-2013 Dr. Oz will be sharing his “Prescription For Longevity” on how everyone can look and feel better so we can enjoy life to it’s fullest while aging gracefully.  Dr. Oz will be sharing health and nutrition tips that will help us live a life full of vitality well into our elder years, so be sure set those DVR’s or come back to our site and read all of the exciting details.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the “Longevity” segments that were featured on today’s show :

Reduce Your Risk For Cancer By 40 Percent!

Cancer is a concern for everyone.  We all have deeply personal connections to people who have had cancer or are currently enduring their battle with cancer in some way.  How would you like to cut your risk for ever getting certain cancers by 40 percent?  I think we all would be interested right?  Dr. Oz will be revealing a 5 step plan on how to reduce your risk for cancer so you can continue living a healthy and active lifestyle.It is never too late to improve your health.  If you haven’t been eating right and are feeling the effects of aging this will be one episode that you surely do not want to miss.  Dr. Oz has invited Heidi Skolnik on to the “Super Longevity Episode” to share with the viewers life extending tips and simple changes we can all make in our daily lifestyle to reach our golden years and beyond!