Dr Oz , Reflexology Foot Map Techniques For PMS, Digestion, Headaches

Dr. Oz Talks About Reflexology Techniques For PMS, Digestion, and Headaches

Have you heard of Reflexology but aren’t really exactly sure or how it can benefit you?  On November 19 Dr. Oz invited reflexologist Michelle Ebbin on to the show to demonstrate how to decode your foot using “foot mapping” techniques and how treating your feet using reflexology can help to relieve PMS, Digestion Issues, Headaches and many other common ailments that affect so many.

Michelle Ebbin said that reflexology has been used for centuries to treat a wide array of ailments.  Michell explained that there are pressure points on your hands, ears, and feet that are connected to various parts of the body.  Stimulating pressure points helps to put your body in balance and improve your overall health.  The “Foot Map” of your feet has different points that connect to many parts of your body.  Applying pressure to these points provide effective relief from many painful ailments like PMS, Stomach discomfort, and headaches.

Remedy Technique To Treat Digestion Problems By Using Reflexology

The pressure points to treat stomach discomfort and digestional issues are found in soles of your feet.  You can treat this area on your food by taking a tennis ball (or any other round object of similar size) and roll your food over it.  Michelle explained to Dr. Oz that you should take notice to focus some of the pressure onto the inner soles of your feet.  She said that doing this technique helps to increase blood flow and open congested passageways.  She said to do this treatment 2 to three times per day.  You can keep a ball near the area where you work or are sitting at frequently.  Try this tip and see if it helps with your digestion problems.

Remedy Treat Headaches Using Reflexology

The pressure point that you will want to focus in on to relieve headaches on the fleshy part on the bottom of the big toe (opposite side as the toe nail).   Using your thumb apply firm pressure to your big toe and hold for 30 seconds.  Do this whenever you feel a headache coming on.  This simple technique can ward off one of those mind splitting headaches in just 30 seconds!

Reflexology Works Better For PMS Than Ibuprofen!

Michelle Ebbins told Dr. Oz that reflexology has been shown to be more effective at treating PMS discomfort and pain even better than Ibuprofen!  Here is the technique that she shared on today’s Dr. Oz :

  • Find the soft spot that is located between your ankle bone and your heel.  Press a “warm” spoon on to the area for 10-15 seconds.
  • Release the spoon and massage the area between your ankle bone and heel
  • Repeat these steps a few times for PMS relief!

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