Dr Oz, Relaxation Drinks, Calming But Safe? Chef Curtis Stone Recipes

Relaxation Drinks Becoming Popular – Are They Safe? Dr. Oz’s Natural Relaxation Drink Recipe

Dr. Oz is frequently talking about stress and anxiety on his show.  In today’s non stop face paced world, stress is one of the top complaints that Dr. Oz hears from home viewers.  How can you effectively reduce your anxiety without resorting to prescription meds? On April 12, Dr. Oz will be talking about relaxation drinkings that are becoming hugely popular.  Do they work and even more importantly, are they safe?  Dr. Oz will be talking to women who swear by these relaxation drinks and say they reduce their stress and make them feel calm.  They believe that they work but are there any side effects that you should know about?  Dr. Oz will be talking with experts about these relaxation drinks and will be giving his opinion about these beverages.

Natural Relaxation Drink Recipe

Dr. Oz will also be sharing a natural relaxation drink recipe that you can make in your own kitchen.  Find out how you can unwind while reducing your stress and anxiety with a delicious tasting drink.  Be sure to set your DVR’s so you can tune in to the show to view all of the ingredients that are needed.  If you won’t be able to tune into the April 12, 2013 show consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view a show recap of the topics discussed on the show that will be sent to your FB newsfeed.

Chef Curtis Stone Solves Your Dinner Dilemmas

Chef Curtis Stone is a wildly popular television personality who goes by the nickname “The Quiet Terminator” who has appeared on hit shows like “Iron Chef”, “The Celebrity Apprentice 3,” and more.  Tune in to find out how Curtis Stone can solve your families dinner dilemmas and create meals that your entire family will love.  It’s hard to please everyone in your family (especially your kids).  Curtis Stone has the answer with some delicious recipes that everyone will love!

Topics to be discussed on the April 12 2013 episode : Nutrition, Sleep, Stress

Guests to appear on Dr. Oz : Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, Dr. Carol Ash, Jamie Kopf, and Curtis Stone