Dr Oz, Relaxation Drinks Test From Consumer Reports, Safe To Buy?

Are Relaxation Drinks Safe To Buy?  Consumer Test Reports On Dr. Oz

If you haven’t heard about relaxation drinks you most assuredly will in the future. Relaxation Drinks are quickly gaining in popularity as people are looking for natural ways to de-stress and reduce their anxiety in this busy and fast paced world in which we live in.  On today’s show Dr. Oz talks about the newest trend that is quickly growing in popularity all across the country.  Are these drinks safe and do they truly bring about a calming effect?  Dr. Oz invited Jamie Kopf from Consumer Reports to talk about which drinks work and which you should steer clear from.  Consumer Reports tests 8 of the leading relaxation drinks to find out how effective and safe that they are.  Also check out the accompanying segment on the ingredients in relaxation drinks & any alcohol interactions to be aware of.

Consumer Reports Relaxation Drinks Testing Results

Jamie Kopf explained to Dr. Oz that all relaxation drinks are not the same.  She said that Consumer Reports tested 8 of the leading “calming beverages in a can” to see how effective that they really are.  She said that these drinks are not regulated by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) so you just can’t be sure what your actually getting in each bottle (or can).  Consumer Reports tested 8 calming drinks but only 3 of them listed the amounts of each ingredients that each drink contains.  These relaxation drinks were the VIB (Vacation In A Bottle), iChill, and Relax Drank.

Which Relaxation Drinks Are Recommended?

Jamie Kopf told Dr. Oz that Consumer Reports spent a great deal of time testing 8 of the most popular relaxation drinks.  She said that sugar and calories are in issue that needs to be considered (just like with energy drinks), but she said that two recommendations would be “Just Chill” and “VIB” (vacation in  bottle).

Are Relaxation Drinks Safe?

Possibly even more important that if these beverages work is their safety factor.  How safe are these drinks to consume on a frequent basis?  Jamie Kopf told Dr. Oz that Consumer Reports only tested 8 out of the 300 kinds of relaxation drinks on the market so that must be taken into consideration however they do appear to be safe.

Dr. Tasneem Bhatia came on to the show to offer safety guidelines that people should follow when purchasing these calming drinks.  With so many products on the market it can be hard to know which ones to buy.  Dr. Bhatia said that you should check the serving size and choose the relaxation drinks that list the amounts of each ingredient on the label.

What Is Dr. Oz’s Opinion About Relaxation Drinks

While not giving an endorsement of any kind towards relaxation drinks Dr. Oz said that these beverages do appear to be safe. However, like alcohol moderation is the key.  Dr. Oz recommended that you only drink one relaxation drink per day and children should not consume these drinks.

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This show was originally aired on April 12, 2013