Dr Oz, Remove Chlorine From Hair With Aspirin, Protein Guideline Summary

Dr. Oz May 17, 2013 Show In Review

Did you miss today’s episode? Dr. Oz talked about wacky health trends that are sweeping the nation.  While some of them do have some health benefits others aren’t delivering what they promise.  Dr. Oz talks about some bizarre health procedures like the fecal transplants to extreme diets like the Purple Food Diet.  He then goes on to talk about a vibrating exercise machine that claims it can help you lose weight.  Find out which wacky trends to believe and which ones you should avoid.  During the latter half of the show Dr. Oz talks about protein deficiencies and his new protein guideline recommendations.  Listed below are the segment summaries that were featured on today’s May 17, 2013 episode :

Segments Featured on Today’s Dr. Oz

Whey Protein Powder Benefits & Aspirin Hair Remedy – During this segment of the show Dr. Oz talks about protein deficiency and what symptoms you should look for.  He also talks about new protein guideline recommendations based on the latest research.  He not only talks about how many grams of protein you should get in a day, but also how many grams of protein that you should consume at each meal.

Also featured during the latter portion of today’s show Dr. Oz talks about an aspirin remedy to remove chlorine from your hair and to restore it’s natural color.  Take out the greenish color that chlorinated water can give your hair in just 15 minutes using an aspirin remedy that really works.  Dr. Oz’s remedy to remove the chlorine for you hair only involves 6-8 aspirin and a glass of water!

What Are Fecal Transplants & Can Your Stomach Explode From Eating Too Much? – During this segment of the show Dr. Oz covered some bizarre topics.  Fecal transplants involve removing the “poop” from a healthy individual and inserting it into the intestines (via a colonoscope) of a person who has intestinal problems.  Dr. Oz talks about if these treatments really work and if they could be right for you.  Dr. Oz also talks about if it’s possible to eat so much that your stomach explodes.

Did Elvis die from constipation?  Dr. Oz talks with another physician about this intriguing question and whether its possible to actually die from constipation.

Is The Purple Food Diet Good For You & Do Vibrating Exercise Machines Work? – During this segment Dr. Oz talks about wacky health trends that are sweeping the nation.  Is eating a diet consisting solely of purple colored foods good for you and is it safe?  Can you lose weight using vibrating exercise machines or are they scams that you should avoid?