Dr Oz, Resistant Carbs Reduce Risk Colon, Breast Cancer, Diabetes

Dr. Oz and Dr. Chutkan Talk About Whether Carbohydrates Can Prevent & Fight Cancer

Today Dr. Oz invitred Dr. Robynne Chutkan on to the show to talk about simple and resistant carbs and what role they may play in preventing breast and colon cancers as well as diabetes.  Many diets want you to lower your intake of carbohydrates and Dr. Oz has often spoke out against consuming too many of the wrong kinds of carbohydrates.  Find out what “simple” and “resistant” carbs are and how resistant carbs may help to prevent and fight cancer!  Also find out why consuming resistant carbs may even help you lose weight!  Learn the 4 carb rules to follow to reduce your risk for cancer and diabetes.

What Is The Difference Between Simple and Resistant Carbs?

Dr. Oz performed a demonstration on stage to show the difference between simple and resistant carbohydrates and how they get processed by the body.  Dr. Oz performed a demonstration on stage to explain how the large and small intestines and how they absorb the food that we consume.  Dr. Oz explained that most carbohydrates are converted into sugar rather quickly into the body.  Too much sugar will cause you to gain weight (and fat!)  However, resistant carbs don’t get absorbed quickly into the body like simple carbohydrates do.  They make it down to the colon and help to assist your colon to get rid of bad toxins and give your “good” bacteria nutrients they need.

Reduce Your Risk Of Colon Cancer By Eating Resistant Carbs

Dr. Robynne Chutkan told Dr. Oz that there are 3 ways in which resistant carbs help guard against colon cancer and reduce your risk of getting colon cancer by 50 percent!  Improve the health of your bowels by adding more resistant carbs to your diet.  They help to improve your bowels by :

  1. Bulking up your stool and creating large bowel movements.  This helps to remove all of the bad (potentially cancer causing) toxins from your colon.
  2. Promotes the health and growth of good bacteria in your digestive system
  3. Resistant carbs produce short chain fatty acids which are the energy source of cells in the colon

Consuming Resistant Carbs Can Lower Your Risk For Breast Cancer

Dr. Chutkan talked to Dr. Oz about a recent study that suggests that resistant starches (carbs) to slow the growth of estrogen receptor positive tumors which are what are found in breast cancer.

Lower Your Risk For Diabetes With “Good” Carbs

Dr. Oz gave the startling fact that 1 in 3 Americans will be affected by diabetes.  Consuming resistant carbohydrates  may actually help reduce your risk of getting diabetes.  Dr. Chutkan said that resistant carbs help because your blood sugar and insulin levels don’t spike like they do when you eat simple carbohydrates.

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