Dr Oz, Reverse or Prevent Memory Loss & Alzheimers Deepak Chopra

November 19 Dr. Oz Episode – Deepak Chopra On Reversing & Preventing Memory Loss

As we get older one of our worst fears is memory loss and even Alzheimers disease.  On today’s November 19, 2012 Dr. Oz episode Deepak Chopra was the special guest and he had some tricks to help you stall or even reverse memory loss.  He also talks about ways that you can help to ward off or even prevent Alzheimers disease.  Here is Deepak Chopra’s Biostat Mantra, Meditation to help reverse memory loss that he shared on today’s show. If memory loss is a concern for you make sure that you have set your DVR’s to record this show.  In case you “forget” come back to this site to view the summary of what occurred during today’s “How To Get A Super Brain” Nov. 19 2012 episode.

Deepak Chopra on Dr. Oz

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Reversing Memory Loss & Preventing Alzheimers on Dr. Oz

Deepak Chopra has been on Dr. Oz many times, and there is a good reason for that .  Dr. Oz Chopra has methods that may seem unusual, but his huge following seem to indicate that they really do work!  Dr. Chopra really believes that you can prevent Alzheimers Disease by keeping your mind sharp and regularly performing mental exercises that can reverse your memory loss.  Ok, the show has been aired.. Here is Deepak Chopra’s Biostat Meditation Chant to help reverse memory loss and boost your brain health.

I’m only 39 years old and it seems as if I already have my “memory loss” moments.  While they are relatively minor like misplacing car keys now, they could become more serious in the future.  I’m really looking forward to Dr. Chopra’s methods to sharpening the mind and reducing the chances of Alzheimers setting in later in life.  Dr. Deepak Chopra doesn’t believe that we have to lose brain cells as we age.  During the show previews he says that we have complete control in keeping our brain function healthy for the rest of our lives.

Who Else Will Be On Dr. Oz November 19, 2012?

Dr. Oz’s father in law Dr. Gerald Lemole was a special guest on today’s episode.  Dr. Oz said that his show would not even be on the air if it wasn’t for him.  Dr. Lemole plans to share tips on how you can fight cancer and heart disease.

Beauty and fashion diva, Bobbi Brown will also make an appearance on Dr. Oz to share her secrets on looking younger.  Bobbi Brown has been on the show many times and she always seems to have some great tips that you probably haven’t thought of.  We will reveal all of Bobbi’s tips that she gives on Dr. Oz immediately after the show has been aired.