Dr Oz, Rhodiola Rosea Concentration Boost, Ginko Tea Brain Booster

Dr. Oz Shares Brain Boosters – Rhodiola Rosea and Ginko Tea

Has your concentration and focus been lacking?  Today (April 21, 2014) Dr. Oz shared two supplements that will help boost your focus, concentration and memories.  Find out how to get back that sharp focus and concentration to meet all of lifes challenges head on!

Quick Tip Brain Boosting Food – Hard Boiled Eggs!

Dr. Oz said that hard boiled eggs have nutrients that boost your brain power.  Having hard boiled eggs with some bran cereal and milk would be a great way to boost your memory and increase your focus all throughout the day.

Rhodiola Rosea All Natural Supplement For Concentration

Would you like to have laser sharp concentration?  Dr. Oz recommended Rhodiola Rosea..  This flowering herb only grows in the coldest regions on Earth..  It has been found for improving your mental focus and to keep you concentration on the task at hand.

Dosage : Take 150 MG Rhodiola Supplement in the morning to help you focus and boost your brain power all throughout the day.

Drink Ginko Tea To Improve Memory and Concentration

Ginko has been shown to increase your brain power.  It helps to increae the flow of oxygen in your brain and improve your mental focus.

Dosage : Drink a cup of Ginko Tea every day

Improve Your Core By Performing The “Plank Position”

You may have heard of “Planking”.  This is a yoga position that will help to strengthen your core as well as your arms.  During the final segment of today’s show Dr. Oz shared pictures of people “planking” all over the world.  Exercise can be fun and improving your core can help to improve your every day life. Keeping your brain and your body sharp is a great way to improve your longevity and increase the quality of your life.

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