Dr Oz, Rhodiola, SamE For Brain Health, Foods To Prevent Alzheimers

Dr. Oz – Supplements For Brain Function & Foods To Prevent Alzheimers Disease

On June 7, Dr. Oz will be talking with Dr. Neal Barnard about how Alzheimer’s disease and how you can prevent this illness from occurring to you or your loved ones.  The thought of losing your memories is terrifying to say the least. According to Dr. Barnard we have more power in preventing Alzheimer’s than many people think.  During today’s episode Dr. Barnard and Dr. Oz will be talking about 3 steps to take to reduce your chances of getting Alzheimers.  The will be talking about foods that you should eat and foods that you should not eat to help prevent this illness from happening to you.  Dr. Daniel Amen will also share the stage to talk with Dr. Oz about the supplements that you can take to improve your brain function.  Here are recaps of the episode segments featured on the June 7, 2013 Dr. Oz show :

Four Supplements For Improved Brain Function

Dr. Oz and Dr. Daniel Amen (author of Unleash The Power Of The Female Brain) talk about how women should be taking steps to protect their brain because the female brain is more active.  They said that women are more susceptible to depression because their brain is more active.  Here are the four supplements that they spoke of on the show to improve brain function :

    • SameE – This supplement, according to Dr. Amen will help to improve your mood, especially for women who are feeling tired and depressed.  He said to take 400-800 MG of SamE twice per day. He also added that yo shouldn’t take SamE late in the day because you could have trouble sleeping.
    • L-Theanine – Dr. Amen said that L-Theanine is a naturally occurring substance found in green tea.  L-Theanine helps to keep you calms and acts as a stress reliever.  He recommends that you take 200 mg two to three times per day (depending on how stressful you feel).
    • Rhodiola – The next supplement that Dr. Oz and Dr. Amen talked about is Rhodiola.  Dr. Amen said that Rhodiola increases blood flow to the brain and helps you to focus.
    • Grape seed extract – Dr. Oz said that there is a link between the health of your skin and your brain.  Grape seed extract can help you to not only improve your brain function but it will help to improve your skin as well so you not only feel younger but you will look younger too!

Foods To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Your first line of defense in Alzheimer’s defense should be through food.  Dr. Neal Barnard (author of Power Foods for the Brain – 3 Step Plan to Protect Your Mind & Memory) spoke with Dr. Oz about the healing powers of food and shared the foods that you should be eating to help and protect your brain.  Here is the link that covers this entire segment on which foods you should be eating to protect yourself from Alzheimers :

Foods That Cause Alzheimers

Dr. Neal Barnard explains to Dr. Oz why he thinks certain foods may actually increase your risks for Alzheimers.  Dr. Barnard that part of the reason why Alzheimer’s occurs is from a build up of metals like copper, zinc, and iron in the brain.  Dr. Barnard feels that certain foods that are high in saturated fat and iron may help to increase your risk.

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