Dr Oz, Richard Simmons, Project Hope DVD Workout, Exercise Tips

Dr Oz Talks To Richard Simmons About Growing Up Overweight, Weight Loss Success Stories, and His Project Hope DVD Workout

Richard Simmons has been helped millions of people lose weight through exercise and living a healthy lifestyle for decades.  Richard taught America that exercising wasn’t a chore and could be a fun activity.  His television workout videos have sold millions over the years and he is still going strong at age 65.  On October 11, 2013 Dr. Oz invited Richard Simmons on to the show for a candid interview to talk about Richards new exercise workout DVD called “Project Hope”, growing up overweight, success stories, and Richard Simmons favorite tips that he likes to give those who are having trouble losing weight.

Richard Simmons Project Hope DVD Series

Richard Simmons came on to Dr. Oz in a suit while he sat down with Dr. Oz, but it didn’t take him long to shed the suit in favor of his classic red and white exercise shorts and tank top.  Dr. Oz decided that he was going to join in on the fun by coming out on stage in his own exercise gear to participate in a classic Richard Simmons workout.  Richard has such a gift of getting everyone excited and inspired to workout.  The entire audience was quickly joining Richard Simmons and Dr. Oz work up a sweat.  If you have ever exercised to a Richard Simmons workout CD you know that your in for a great time while getting in a great workout at the same time.  His new exercise DVD workout set, Project Hope is sure to be a hit and will undoubtedly help many people to lose the weight that is inhibiting them from living their life to the fullest.  Have you hit a bump in the road and feel uninspired to workout?  Maybe Richard Simmons Project Hope DVD Series is the shot of inspiration that you need to melt away those pounds and feel better than you have felt about yourself in years!

Richard Simmons Childhood Weight Problem

It’s hard to imagine Richard Simmons being overweight because for the past 40 years we have seen him on television inspiring countless others to lose weight and how exercising can (and should be) fun!  Richard explained to Dr. Oz that there was a time when he was overweight growing up as a child.  One of his biggest goals of today is reaching kids who are overweight.  He told Dr. Oz that he lived an unhealthy lifestyle with poor eating habits as a child.  Because of this it is now very important to Richard that he helps to inspire and educate children on living a healthy lifestyle and how exercise can improve their confidence and health.

Tip From Richard Simmons

Richard said that one of the tips that really helped him the most is when he sat down and wrote down all of his dreams.  He believes that everyone should write down their dreams to help visualize the goals that they have in their head.  He said that he had several dreams in his head growing up on a child.  He wanted to be a priest and even a gynecologist at one point in his life but he realized that those weren’t right for him.  He ended up being a waiter and served celebrities like Ed McMahon and Sidney Poitier.  The money that he earned from being a waiter was how he was able to open up “Simmons” and begin teaching exercise classes.  So, write down those dreams and do what you have to do to make all of your dreams come true!

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