Dr Oz Risk of Diabetes Test, 3 Health Books, Disease Delusion, Thrive

Dr. Oz Shares A Diabetes Risk Test and 3 New Health Books To Read

The prevalence of Diabetes in the country is shockingly high. Today (March 10, 2014) Dr. Oz said that 1 out of 3 adults are pre-diabetic and are at high risk of developing full blown diabetes.  What concerns Dr. Oz the most is that the majority of people who are pre-diabetic aren’t even aware of their condition.  Listed below is the pre-diabetic screening quiz that everyone should take to see if you are at high risk.

Pre-Diabetes Screening Quiz

Dr. Oz invited Pharmacist Heidi Hilker on to the show to explain how important it is to know your risk for diabetes and if you may already be prediabetic.  Heidi said that when your blood sugar is higher than normal levels you may be pre-diabetic.  She said that even though you may not be displaying symptoms of diabetes you could still be at risk.  Here are the test questions that were shared from today’s show :

What is your age?

  • Less than 40 years = 0 points
  • 40-49 = 1 point
  • 50-60 = 2 points
  • Over 60 years old = 3 points

Are you a man or a woman?

  • Man = 1 point
  • Woman = o points

In the past were you ever diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes?

  • No – 0 Points
  • Yes – 1 point

Do you have a parent, brother or sister with diabetes?

  • Yes = 1 point
  • No = 0 points

Do you or have you had high blood pressure?

  • Yes = 1 point
  • No = 0 points

Are you a physically active person?

  • No = 1 point
  • Yes = 0 points

What is your weight?

This can vary according to your height, size, gender, etc…  Here is Dr. Oz’s diabetes risk weight chart to determine your status.

  1. Have you ever been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure? Yes = 1 point, No = 0 points.
  2. Are you physically active? Yes = 0 points, No = 1 point.
  3. What is your weight status? (Use Dr. Oz’s guide to determine your points.)

Tally up your points from the test questions above.  If you have 5 points are more you are at an increased risk of having Type 2 Diabetes.

Tips on how to lower your diabetes risk :

    • Losing five to seven percent of your body weight lowers your risk by as much as 58%!!
    • 20 minutes of physical activity each day will lower your risk for diabetes.

3 New Health Books Recommended by Dr. Oz

Here are 3 new health books that Dr. Oz recommended from today’s (3-10-2014) episode :

  • Thrive – Redefining Success and Creating A Life
  • Inheritance – How Our Genes Change Our Lives – And Our Lives Change Our Genes
  • The Disease Delusion – Conquering The Causes of Chronic Disease

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