Dr Oz, Robin Quivers Endometrial Cancer, Vegan & Plant Based Diet

Dr. Oz Talks With Robin Quivers About Her Endometrial Cancer Diagnosis and Her New Vegan Plant Based Diet

Dr. Oz invited the beloved talk show personality from The Howard Stern show to talk about her bout with endometrial cancer and how she has chosen to treat her cancer by switching to a vegan plant based food diet.

Robin Quivers Book “The Vegucation of Robin”

Did you know that Robin Quivers has written a book called “The Vegucation of Robin?”  After she was diagnosed with endometrial cancer she totally transformed her diet and changed to a vegan diet.  She told Dr. Oz that she was never a huge fan of vegetables but she has learned that they can be delicious when cooked right.  Her book contains 90 of Robins favorite recipes and talks about how she changed her life by changing her mindset when she enters a grocery store.

Plant Based Foods Health Benefits

Considering changing to a plant based foods diet?  Dr. Oz gave three reasons in which it may be a good idea.  The benefits :

  • Plant based foods help to fight cancer
  • Prevents heart disease
  • The high fiber content of plant based foods help to keep you regular

Robin’s Favorite Vegan Foods

Endometrial cancer is a cancer in the lining of a woman’s uterus.  After Robin was diagnosed she transformed her diet by going vegan.  On todays (October 7, 2013) episode Robin shared her roasted cauliflower, squash soup, and chocolate mousse dishes.  She told Dr. Oz that she credits her vegan diet to transforming her diet and helping her to fight off cancer.

Cancer Treatment and Recovery

Dr. Oz said that people generally die from frailty rather than from the cancer itself.  Many people become too frail while trying to battle cancer and going through chemo, radiation, surgery, etc…  Robin credits the plant based diet in giving her the strength and stamina to make it through cancer treatments.  She said that she didn’t experience major problems with fatigue or nausea while going through treatments and she believes it is because of the plant based foods that she was eating.

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