Dr Oz, Robin Quivers Secret Battle With Cancer, Miracle Pill In Your Cabinet

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Dr Oz October 7, 2013 Show Topics : Robin Quivers Cancer Battle & A Miracle Pill That May Be In Your Medicine Cabinet

Most people are familiar with Robin Quivers from all her years as Howard Stern’s sidekick.  On Oct. 7th Dr. Oz will be getting a little more personal to talk about Robin’s secret battle with cancer.  For a long time Robin battled cancer but decided to do so in secrecy.  She continued to do the show while battling a life threatening disease.

Robin Quivers sits down with Dr Oz to talk about her battle with cancer and why she kept it a secret for so long.

They will discuss the details of how Robin found her cancer and the reason she thought it was best to stay silent about her scary health ordeal. Dr. Oz asks her how and why such a prominent public figure was able to keep such a serious condition like cancer a secret for so long. They will also talk about how much Howard Stern knew about Robin’s health and what it was like to continue working on a comedy radio show while fighting for her life.

Robin decided to keep her battle with cancer secret because the type of job that she has.  Part of her job is to make people laugh and that is hard to do when you have people worried about your health.  Dr. Oz will be talking in depth about why Robin decided to keep her battle with cancer a secret and what her current prognosis is.  Be sure to tune in to the show to find out about Robin Quivers current health status and the steps that she has taken to defeat cancer.

Is There A Miracle Pill In Your Medicine Cabinet?

Dr. Oz will be doing a segment about a “miracle” pill that you may already have in your bathroom medicine cabinet.  Be sure that you set your DVR to the Oct. 7, 2013 episode to find out about the pill that has Dr. Oz very excited.  Find out about all of the powerful health benefits that this “Miracle” pill can provide you and your loved ones.Will you not be able to tune in to see the show?  Consider Liking “Fans of Dr. Oz” on Facebook to view daily show recaps and summaries.