Dr Oz, Runners Diarrhea, Homemade Acne Recipe, Smelly Scalp Syndrome

Dr. Oz Answers Embarrassing Questions – What Causes Runners Diarrhea? Why Do I have A Smelly Scalp?

Once you think you have heard it all, Dr. Oz answers more “embarrassing questions” that you were too afraid to ask!  Nothing was too outlandish on today’s Dr. Oz October 25, 2015 television program.  He answered questions about vaginal pimples, smelly scalps, runners diarrhea, and more.  Here are some of the “awkward” health topics that were shared on today’s Dr. Oz :

What Is Causing My Vaginal Pimples?

Acne is a common problem suffered by many, but what about pimples in your private area?  A woman asked Dr. Oz this question and wanted to know why she had vaginal acne and what she could do to remedy pimples in this very private and sensitive area.  Dr. Oz posted a couple of questions on the video screen for viewers to ask themselves if they too suffer from this problem.. They were :

  1. Is the acne on the outside or the inside?
  2. Is the acne located on your “bikini line?”
  3. What type of pants do you wear?
  4. Do you wear skinny jeans or tight leggings?

Dr. Oz said that if your pants are too tight it can cause irritation from constantly rubbing your skin.  When you have irritated skin and then combine that with sweat it can become a prime environment for acne.  To help with vaginal acne Dr. Oz shared a homemade recipe that can remedy this very personal health ailment :

Vaginal Acne Homemade Salicylic Acid Recipe

Salicylic Acid (which can be found in aspirin) is an effective treatment for vaginal pimples.  Here is the recipe directions that were shared on the show :

  1. Crush an aspirin with a spoon
  2. Add a small amount of water and mix with the water to form a paste
  3. Apply the Salicylic Acid paste that you created and apply on to the pimples and/or acne

Note : Dr. Oz said to only apply the paste externally.  Never apply internally.What Causes Runner’s DiarrheaYou can probably guess what Runner’s Diarrhea IS…  It’s safe to say that the name speaks for itself.  However,  what causes runners diarrhea?  A woman asked this question to Dr. Oz.  She said that this ailment has been getting in the way of her workouts and wondered if there is anything that she can do.Dr. Oz said that people get “runner’s diarrhea” because your intestines are being starved for oxygen when you are having an intensive workout.  It is starved for oxygen because other areas of your body are getting it during a workout, or while running in this woman’s case.

How to avoid runners diarrhea? – Avoid eating two hours before you go for a run

What Is Smelly Scalp Syndrome?

A woman came on to the show who revealed to Dr. Oz that her hair stinks.. She says that she washes it everyday but it still smells.  Dr. Oz explained to the woman that her hair doesn’t stink because she is lacking personal hygiene.  He said that her smelly scalp is because of bacteria that is in her scalp.

What causes smelly scalp syndrome?

Bacteria attaches to the natural oils in your hair and it isn’t easy to get rid of.  Dr. Oz said that a Zink Pyrithione scalp treatment can take care of this problem.

Zinc Pyrithione Scalp Treatment – Look for a shampoo that has the ingredient “Zinc Pyrithione”.  This will remove the “smelly” bacteria that is adhered to the oils in your hair.  Your head will soon be smelling fresh and clean!

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