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Dr. Oz Talks About Safe Plasticware & The Causes People Get Addicted To Foods High In Fat, Sugar, and Salt

Do you find yourself craving all the foods that aren’t allowed on your diet plan.  Do you have a hard time pushing your grocery store cart down the potato chip isle without adding unhealthy items to your cart?  If so, you are most definitely not alone. Millions of people are suffer from food addiction. If foods that are high in salt, sugar, and/or fat are your big weakness be sure to tune in to the Dr. Oz September 3 2013 to see why you body is craving your foods.  Dr. Oz also talks about microwaving plastic and if it is safe to store your food in plastic storage containers.  He shares what BPA safe plasticware you should be using to keep your family safe from harmful chemicals.  Here are the episode segments that were featured on the September 3, 2013 Dr. Oz Show.

BPA Safe Plasticware Storage Containers

Have you ever wondered if microwaving food in plasticware is safe or not?  Dr. Oz talks about chemicals that could be leeching into your food.  He also talks about safe plastic storage container alternatives that you should be using such as Nordicware, Pyrex, cups for kids, and more.  BPA safe storage containers allow you to have the convenience of that storage containers offer without the possibility of harmful chemicals getting into the food that you feed your family.

BPA Safe Plasticware and Storage Containers

Dr. Oz Talks To Michael Moss About Food Industry Secrets

Dr. Oz invited Michael Moss on to his September 3, 2013 show to talk about the big “Food Cover Up” and industry secrets that they don’t want you to know about.  Dr. Oz talks about kosher salt and explains why this kind of salt helps food to intensify the taste and why it sticks to your food better.  Dr. Oz performs a demonstration to explain the way your brain reacts when you eat foods high in salt, fat, and/or sugar and why food can be very addictive to some people.  Michael Moss also talks about his book called “Salt, Sugar, Fat” and gives examples of food industry secrets and ways that they keep you craving certain foods and coming back for more.

Michael Moss’s Book & Food Industry Secrets

Are You Addicted To Food?

Dr. Oz talks to Michael Moss about food addiction and how your brain reacts to eating certain kinds of food.  They talk about how food cravings can send signals to the brain telling you want more in much the same way that cocaine addicts crave more of the drug.  Find out what you can do to take back your life and reduce the food cravings that keep you from being unable to lose weight long term.

How You Can Become Addicted To Food

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Special guests to be appearing on the Dr. Oz September 2, 2013 episode : Michael Moss and Jennifer Jolly