Dr Oz, Safe Protein Powders, Avoid Shakeology Greenberry – Has Lead

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Dr. Oz Talks About A Consumer Lab Protein Study – Which Protein Powders are Safe and Which To Avoid

People all across the country use protein powders regularly to help build muscle, lose weight, or for energy.  If you use protein powders, have you ever even considered their safety?  Today (February 18, 2014) Dr. Oz spoke about a Consumer Lab Protein Powder study that tested 16 popular brands of protein powders and tested them for the following :

  • Do the protein powders contain all of the ingredients that they say they do on the label?
  • Do they contain more/less fats, carbohydrates and cholesterol that is what is listed?
  • Do the protein powders contain any harmful heavy metals, like lead?

Shakeology Greenberry Contained Heavy Metal Contamination, Including Lead

The results found that some of the brands didn’t contain what they said they did, and another brand (Shakeology Greenberry) contained lead!  Ted Cooperman (from Consumer Lab) explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that some of the protein powders that they tested had less protein that what the label stated, some had more carbs and calories, and some had more cholesterol.  Other brands contained heavy metals.  The brand that they mentioned that contains a high amount of lead was called Shakeology Greenberry.

The Safest Protein Powders To Buy

Dr. Oz said that the tests concluded that most of the protein powders are safe, with only a few that should be avoided.  Here are the protein powders that Consumer Labels cleared to be safe and healthy protein powders and shakes :

Protein Powder Guideline Tips

    • Only have one protein drink a day
    • Don’t consume more than 20 grams of protein for each serving
    • Stay away from mega protein doses
    • Unflavored protein drinks are the safest options
    • Choose a protein powder that doesn’t contain extra ingredients. Choose one with as few ingredients as possible to suit your needs.

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