Dr Oz, Saving Money On Medication Tips, Drugstore Health Gadgets

Dr. Talks About How To Save Money On Medication Tips & The Latest Drugstore Gadgets

Did you know that you could be saving money every time that you step inside the drugstore to purchase your prescription medications?  Today Dr. Oz featured a segment on how you can find the lowest prices for your particular medication and how you can receive discounts on every RX that you fill!  He also talks about amazing drugstore health gadgets that can help you get a full nights sleep, cure your headache, and even a gadget to remind the boys to put the toilet seat back down!

Tips On How You Can Be Saving Money On Your Medications

Dr. Oz invited a Walgreen’s Pharmacist on to the show named Stacia Woodcock to talk share some tips on how you can save money on your prescription medications.  She said that talking to your Pharmacist is very important because they can give you money saving tips on your scripts so you don’t have to contemplate skipping doses or not filling a prescription altogether (which can be dangerous!)

  • Save Money By Asking For An Insurance Companies “Preferred Drug” – Stacia said that insurance companies have a list of “preferred drugs”.  You can ask for one of their preferred drugs that will help to low your co-pay expense.  So how much money can this save you? Savings on your meds can range between 45 and 75 dollars!
  • Buy Your Meds In Bulk – Certain medications can be purchased in bulk. If there is a medication that you take regularly you can request a 90 day supply instead of 30 day supply.
  • Drug Manufacturer’s Discount Card – These discount cards can help you to get a reduced rate for brand named prescription drugs.
  • Buy Generic – Stacia said that buying generic will save you a lot of money and they are just as effective.  However, Stacia recommends that you talk to your Pharmacist about which generic drug is best for the condition that you have.  In a recent episode Dr. Oz did a segment on prescription guidelines and which generic medications to avoid, so be sure to check and see which conditions you should not buy the generic alternatives.

Walgreen’s Balance Rewards

If you purchase your prescriptions at Walgreens, Stacia Woodcock had a bonus tip to offer the viewers.  Walgreen’s Balance Rewards Program can help you save even more money!  For every 5000 points that you accumulate you get 5 bucks off.  What makes the Walgreen’s Balance Rewards stand out is that you get extra points for living a healthy lifestyle.  You can receive points by walking, running, and watching your weight (all things that you should be doing anyway!).

Healthy Drugstore Gadgets

Dr. Oz invited on gadget expert, Mario Armstrong to talk about the latest in health related tech gadgets that can be found in most drugstores.  Here are the gadgets that Mario reviewed on the show :

  • Eye & Temple Massager – Instead of reaching for headache medications you can ease your stress, tension and associated headaches with an eye and temple massager.
  • SleepPhones – Do outside noise disturbances keep you awake at night?  Do have a hard time slowing down your brain when you lay down to go to bed? Mario Armstrong suggested trying a sleephone which looks like a headband that you can wear and listen to your favorite music (by attaching your favorite mp3 device) while you wind down to go to sleep.
  • Fenugreen Fresh Paper – Helps to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for a longer duration.
  • Tip Alert Toilet Seat Alarm – Tired of having to put the toilet seat back down? This handy little alarm attaches underneath the toilet seat lid and will make a sound if the toilet seat is left up.. It will also make a cheering sound when the toilet seat is set back down to help the young boys (or older boys!) remember to put the lid down!

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