Dr Oz Season 5 Premiere, Fibroids, Cold Sore Remedy, Food Myths

Dr. Oz September 9 2013 Season 5 Premiere Episode – Diagnosing Fibroids, Cold Sores Remedy, and Food Myths

Monday September 9, 2013 will kick off Dr. Oz’s 5th season and it promises to be better than ever.  America’s favorite doctor will be back to teach his viewers about health related topics.  Dr. Oz has a gift of educating the public about health matters in a way that everyone can understand.  The September 9th episode should be filled with laughs because comedian / entertainers from the comedy show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” Colin Mochrie, Wayne Brady, and Aisha Tyler to participate in an improv game dealing with health related issues.  It’s sure to bring a lot of laughs while informing you about important health matters at the same time.  The improv game that they will be playing is called “Whose Embarrassing Condition Is It Anyway”, and will surely have you bent over in laughter.

Dr. Oz will then be sitting down with Wayne Brady to talk about social anxiety issues that Wayne went through during his childhood and how he has overcome his condition.  You would never guess that Wayne Brady dealt with social anxiety.  If you or anyone you know deals with anxiety you will definitely want to tune in to the 9-09-2013 Dr. Oz episode.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the episode segments that were featured on the show :

Dr. Oz Talks With GloZell about Food Challenges, Saltine Cracker and Drinking Gallon of Milk Challenge

Dr. Oz Talks About Fibroids, Risk Factors and Symptoms

Wayne Brady Childhood Anxiety & Stuttering Problem, Celebrity Ailments That May Surprise You

What Are Fibroids?

A common condition that many women suffer from is fibroids.  Dr. Oz explains to the audience and viewers at home what fibroids are and how you can tell if you have them.

Food Myths

Dr. Oz will be inviting the comic Glozell on to the show to talk about her extreme food challenges.  Dr. Oz will be talking about potential dangers that her food challenges may cause.  Dr. Oz and Glozell also talks about food myths.  Find out which are fact, and which are merely urban legends.Cold Sores RemedyNear the end of the episode Dr. Oz will be talking about cold sores and a natural remedy that works!

Guests to be appearing on the Dr. Oz September 9, 2013 Season 5 Premiere Episode : Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie, Aisha Tyler, GlozellAre you a fan but unable to tune in to see his show as often as you would like?

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