Dr Oz, Sensa Ingredients, 5 Day Sensa Trial Weight Loss Results

5 Day Sensa Trial on Dr. Oz and Weight Loss Results

Today, Dr. Oz talk about Sensa, Does It Work, and Is It Safe?  Dr. Oz also did a segment that featured a 5 day trial of women who tried Sensa.  Read on to see if the women lost weight and if the ingredients that are in Sensa safe to consume.

Are The Ingredients In Sensa Safe?

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Dr. Oz : Sensa 5 Day Trial Weight Loss Results

Dr. oz said the biggest concern he has about the consumption of Sensa is that the program encourages people to eat whatever they want (food high in saturated fat, sugar, etc…).  This advice is quite contrary to what Dr. Oz tells his audience and viewers on a daily basis.   So, are the ingredients in Sensa safe to consume?

Dr. Alan Hirsch (creator of Sensa) says that the ingredients in Sensa are G.R.A.S. (this means Generally Referred To As Safe).  He says that the flavors that are in sensa are readily found in food we already eat.  Dr. Oz asked Dr. Hirsch why he doesn’t disclose the ingredients that are in Sensa.  Dr. Hirsch says that this is because the ingredients change every month.

Dr. Oz then talked to a dietician who isn’t associated with Sensa in any way.  She said that she is concerned that the ingredients aren’t readily made available and disclosed on the label.  She says that this worries her and makes her feel skeptical about what people are unknowingly putting into their bodies. Dr. Oz also talked to another physician about Sensa and Dr. Aronne worries that the claim that you will lose 30 pounds on average in 6 months may be unrealistic. He also is skeptical because the research studies that have been done there was not a placebo involved.  He would like to see more research done and a more controlled study performed before further judgement.

5 Day Sensa Trial

6 women were invited to participate in a 5 day Sensa trial before they came on to the Dr. Oz Show.  Here are the results of the 5 say trial :

  • 3 1/2 lbs weight loss
  • Average of 1 inch lost

Not all women lost weight.  This was just the average of all 6 women.  Dr. Oz asked the women if they would try using Sensa again.  Each of the women who participated that yes they would.

Would You Try Sensa?

Have you tried losing weight using Sensa? Would you consider trying this method to lose weight?  Please share your experiences about this program by leaving a comment below.