Dr Oz September 11, 12, 13, Get Almost Anything Free, Hair Mistakes

Dr. Oz Show Topics For September 11, 12, and 13 : “Girls Out Loud”, “Hair Mistakes”, and “How To Get Anything For Free”

Dr. Oz’s 5th season is underway and he has started off with the bang.  Here are the September 11, 12, and 13th show topics.  After each show has been aired we will be adding show summaries for each segment that was featured so you will stay up to date on all of the exciting health topics that were discussed on Dr. Oz. Some highlights for this week will be when Dr. Oz talks about the science behind mood swings, the biggest hair mistakes women make, and how you can get almost anything for free!  Here are the previews of what will be aired during this week’s Dr. Oz.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 – “Girls Out Loud” (Cheryl Burke, Kim Coles, Kandi Burrus Talk About Health Issues on Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz invited three of the most outspoken women in the entertainment business to talk about health issues and participate in an interactive game called “Hollywood Game Night”.  They will discuss the warning signs that you just may be addicted to social media sites like Facebook.

Dr. Oz will be doing a segment on why people go through mood swings.  He will be performing a demonstration about why we have mood swings and natural remedies, like passionflower tea that can help you boost your mood.

Dr. Oz will also be performing a segment about the best sex positions for people with back pain.  He will have guests get on stage to act out various types of back pain and the best sex positions to use so you can safely have sex while minimizing back pain.

Thursday, September 12, 2013 –  The Biggest Hair Mistakes Women Make

Dr. Oz invites on the “Queen of Hair”, Tamar Braxton on to the show to talk about mistakes women commonly make with their hair.  Dr. Oz will also be talking with Nikki Walton (hair expert and psychotherapist) who is also known as “Curly Nikki” to talk about how women unknowingly damage their hair while trying to make it look just right.  Nikki Walton will also be talking about ways to improve your hair and to keep you from damaging your hair in the future.  Weaves, relaxers, and hair hair appliances can all damage the hair.  Find out how to keep your hair healthy and beautiful without using harmful products.

Dr. Oz will also be talking to a hair stylist (Marie Simone) about how you can take a 10 second test to find out if your hair is healthy.

During the latter segment of the show Dr. Oz will be inviting on a psychologist to talk about how you can get people to listen more without becoming angry.  Dr. Venus Nicoliino will be teaching the audience and viewers at home on how to become a better listener as well.

During the final segment on the show Dr. Oz talks about a trending workout (the mini trampoline workout) to help you lose quickly and get you into shape!

Friday, September 13, 2013 – Learn How To Get Almost Anything For Free

Update : The show has been aired and here is the segments on

Free is good right?  Well, on September 13, 2013 Dr. Oz is going to teach you how FREE is easy too!  Dr. Oz will be inviting Coupon Diva (Joyce K. House) on tot he show to talk about the biggest and most common expenses that families face.  The Coupon Diva willb e talking about how you can slash your grocery bill by learning the art of couponing.  Find out how you can literally get healthy fruits and vegetables for free!

During the next segment on the show Dr. Oz will be talking about how you can get free prescription medications.  Along with the help of Elisabeth Leamy, they will be talking about how you can keep your monthly medications from blowing up your budget.