Dr Oz, Microwaving Plastic? BPA Safe Plasticware, Snack Trans Fat Free

Dr Oz : Is It Ok To Microwave Plastic Dishes?

Today Dr. Oz has been talking about food industry secrets and how your family can make smarter snack options to live a healthier lifestyle.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about microwaving plastic dishes, BPA health risks, the differences between hydrogenated and and trans fats, and plasticware that is a safer option for your family.

Is It Safe To Microwave Plastic Dishes?

Dr. Oz challenged the viewers at home to go on the “Great American Kitchen Cleanout” to get rid of the food and dishes that are unhealthy.  The first topic during this segment was answering the question of “Is It Safe To Microwave Plastic Dishes?”

There are particle byproducts that are used when making plastic plates and cups called melamine.  Dr. Oz said that these melamine particles can leach into your food.  While the long term effects are unknown Dr. Oz recommends removing plasticware that contains melamine from your kitchen.  If you choose to keep plastic plates and cups in your kitchen due to the convenience factor, Dr. Oz suggests that you follow these guidelines :

  • Never microwave melamine
  • Do not use plastic plates or cups for hot or acidic foods or drinks
  • Do not use for children

BPA Health Concerns From Plastic Storage Containers

Many people use plastic storage containers to store leftovers.  There is a health risk that you may be imposing on yourself and your family if you reheat your leftovers in these plastic containers.  Their is a chemical in the plastic containers called “BPA” which can can be absorbed into the food during the reheating process.  BPA can be dangerous when consumed into our bodies.  Dr. Oz doesn’t feel that it’s worth the risk and if you use plastic containers to store food you should follow these guidelines :

  • Don’t microwave food in plastic containers
  • Clean plastic containers by hand rather than by a dishwasher
  • Allow leftovers to cool before storing them
  • Throw away cracked or warped containers

What’s The Difference Between Hydrogenated and Trans Fats?

You have likely heard that trans fats or anything hydrogenated aren’t good for your health and has been associated to heart disease, cancers, diabetes, and other serious health ailments.  However, do you know what the difference is between the two terms?

Dr. Oz said that any food that says “hydrogenated” on the label (in the ingredients section) should be thrown away.  He said that foods that have been hydrogenated are linked to deadly diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.  Even small amounts can put you at risk.  He also said that just because a food label says “No Trans Fats”, doesn’t mean that the food doesn’t contain any trans fats.  It just means that there is less than half of a gram.  Dr. Oz said to read the label and look for the word “Hydrogenated”.  If you see this word the food does indeed contain trans fats and shouldn’t be consumed.

Use Nordicware Plastic Plates, Cups, and Bowls As An Alternative

Nordicware plates, cups, and bowls are a safe alternative for families who like the convenience of plastic plates, cups, and bowls, but don’t want any of the chemicals and health risks associated with their use.  Here are some of Jennifer Jolly’s BPA safe microwave safe suggestions that she shared on Dr. Oz.

BPA – Free Plastic Ware – Safe Storage Container Suggestions

Jennifer Jolly recommended the following plastic storage containers that are BPA – Free :

Snacks That Don’t Contain Any Trans Fats

Ok, so you know what snack foods you should be throwing away, but what do you eat?  Here are the recommendations that Jennifer Jolly gave on the Dr. Oz Show today :

    • Lesser Evil – Chips, kettle corn, crinkle strips, etc… These do not contain any saturated or trans fats.
    • Doctor Kracker – These treats do not contain any trans fats
    • Cuisinator – The Cuisinator is great for making healthy popcorn!

Special Guests To Be Featured on the Dr. Oz June 18, 2013 Episode : Michael Moss, Jennifer Jolly

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