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The Revolutionary “Shred” Diet on the Dr Oz Show

Dr Oz January 2, 2012 Episode : Succeed In Your 2013 Weight Loss Resolutions With The Revolution Diet Plan


2012 seemed to have gone by too fast and many of us are looking forward to losing the Holiday weight gain that has our jeans feeling a little too snug.  Today Dr Oz talks about a cutting edge revolutionary diet plan to help you to shred 4 inches off your waistline in only 6 weeks time.  Start the year off right utilizing the Revolutionary Diet plan will have you fitting in your summer clothes and swim suits just in time for the spring season that lies ahead!

What Is “Shred : The Revolutionary Diet” All About?

The auther of the book “Shred: The Revolutionary Diet”, (Dr Ian Smith) was invited on to the Dr. Oz Show to explain why his diet methods can help you lose weight quickly and permanently.  He said that he named the book “Shred” because it helps people to visualize what is happening to the fat as they are “shredding” away the pounds in their body while on the diet.  Dr. Smith also shares Shred Revolutionary Diet Recipes that will help you on your way to losing those inches and getting back into those close that have been sitting in the back of your closet!

Dr. Oz started talking  to Dr. Smith about what the Revolutionary diet was all about.  He said that he doesn’t believe in perfection when it comes to dieting.  People are going to slip along the way and it is to be expected.  Dr. Smith said that he in particularly likes pizza and ice cream.  He said that his diet is all about finding a good balance.  The Revolutionary diet is a plan that is easily attainable for everyone and the foods that you will be eating are found in any grocery store throughout the country.

What Is Diet / Muscle Confusion?

Dr. Oz asked Dr. Ian Smith to expain the term “Diet Confusion”.  He said that it is similar to muscle confusion.  Muscle confusion is when your muscles no longer grow and you reach a plateau.  When this happens you have to change your workout routine to confuse the muscles and to hit it from different angles.  This is similar to diet confusion. and changing your diet whenever you meet a weight loss plateau. Dr. Ian Smith says that if you eat the same “diet foods” each day your metabolism will reach a plateau and your weight loss efforts can come to a stall.   This is when you need to change up your diet to give your metabolism a boost that it needs to get past the plateau.

Dr. Oz then did a demonstration explaining how our metabolisms can stabilize and reach a plateaud.  He said that when you consume the same foods each day your metabolism will become stagnant.  So if you want to continue your weight loss and give your metabolism the boost it needs you have to start eating different diet foods.  This will help you get past any weight loss plateaus and you can “shred” away those inches that you didn’t think that you would ever be able to get off your body again!

How Well Does The Shred Diet Program Work?

Dr. Smith said that he likes to focus on inches and clothing sizes lost rather than lbs..  Dr. Oz agreed that it’s more about how you feel in your clothes and not just what the numbers on a scale say.  Dr. Oz then invited several women on to the stage to talk about their experiences with the Shred diet.  They all were very pleased with the dieting experience and would recommend others to lose weight in this same way.  On average these women lost 4 inches, two dress sizes and were looking and feeling great!  The average weight lost was 9 pounds.