Dr Oz, Siloxane & Peptide Cream (Fake Botox Treatment), After 35 Kit

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Dr Oz – After 35 Kit – Siloxane Peptide Cream (Fake Botox), Lemon Balm Extract For Stress

On the June 27th show Dr. Oz talks about his personalized “After 35 Survival Kit” with treatments and remedies for problems we all face in our life regardless of age.  Today Dr. Oz gave some great tips or those who have reached 35 (or surpassed it) and are experiencing problems such as stress, bloating, and wrinkles.  During this segment on the show Dr. Oz invited Dermatologist, Joely Kaufman to talk about a “Fake Botox” alternative called Siloxane & Peptide cream for fine lines and wrinkles.  He also speaks with Dr. Keri Peterson about a natural stress remedy called lemon balm extract, and how pineapple ice cubes can help to reduce bloating.

35 and Over Survival Kit – Lemon Balms Extract For Stress Relief

For many people, once you reach age 35 your body starts sending you signals that your getting older and this can be a very traumatic experience.  Dr. Oz comes to the rescue with his age 35 and over survival kit to help look younger, feel great, and ease that stress away.  For many people stress is at an all time peak while in your mid 30’s..  Often your job has given your more responsibilities, increasing financial obligations, managing your household of kids, etc… etc…  Dr. Keri Peterson said that there is an all natural way to treat stress that really works and is non addictive (like valium is).

The all natural stress remedy that Keri Peterson spoke of is called Lemon Balm Extract.  She said that prescription medications like valium work to calm you down, but they have undesirable side effects.  They can cause drowsiness and are also very addictive.  Lemon Balm Extract can ease  your stress like valium does but without the side effects! Lemon balms is non addictive and is a great alternative to prescription medications for stress.  Dr. Keri Peterson explained to Dr. Oz that you can take Lemon Balm Extract in concentrated liquid form.  She said that you simply add a dropper full to a glass of water and drink it down.  Concentrated lemon balm can taste rather bitter so diluting it in water will make it much more palatable.  She said that you will feel the effects almost instantly.  Your stress will be relieved and you can take lemon balm 3 times a day without fear of addiction!  She said that you can find this supplement at most health food stores.  You can also purchase it online for about 10 dollars.

Fake A Botox Treatment With Siloxane & Peptide Cream

During the next portion of today’s show Dr. Oz talks about another problem that men and women face after the age of 35. Fine lines and wrinkles!  Dr. Joely Kaufman (dermatologist) spoke about how our skin goes through changes and many people really begin to notice these changes during the mid 30’s.  Joely explained that we produce less collagen as we get older and this creates textural changes in the skin that lead to fine lines and wrinkles.  Our skin loses its elasticity and those dreaded crows feet and wrinkles begin to appear.

Fortunately there is something that you can do to treat wrinkles that can rival botox treatments.  Siloxane & Peptide cream can improve the appearance of wrinkles in as little as 15 minutes!!  Dr. Kaufman explained to Dr. Oz how peptides help to increase collagen and Siloxane will help to immediately cover up the wrinkles so you have both a short term fix as well as a long term remedy to boost collagen.  Dr. Kaufman said that Siloxane & Peptide creams cost between $20 – $150.00.  Be sure to get a cream that has both Siloxane and Peptides in it because the Siloxane is just a short term fix to temporarily cover up the wrinkles while the peptides will work to reduce the appearance of wrinkles over the longer term.

Reduce Bloating With Pineapple Ice Cubes

Dr. Oz spoke with nutrition coach, Rovenia Brock about how our digestion can become sluggish as we get older and bloating is often the result of poor digestion.  Hormonal changes also play a big role in bloating with women but there is something that you can do to greatly reduce bloating!  Rovenia said that pineapple juice is wonderful for reducing bloating because it contains an enzyme called Bromelain.  This digestive enzyme will help to improve your digestion and therefore reducing your bloating symptoms.  Rovenia suggested freezing pineapple juice in ice cube trays.  To reduce bloating and gas simply drop six pineapple juice ice cubes into your glasses of water throughout the day.

Guests to be featured on the Dr. Oz 6/27/2013 show : Rovenia Brock, Dr. Joely Kaufman, Dr. Keri Peterson

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