Dr Oz, Sleep Types, Plan To Fix Sleeping & Insomnia Problems

What Sleep Type Are You & Dr. Oz’s Plan To Fix Your Sleeping Problem


Millions of Americans do not get nearly enough sleep that they need to function at their best.  For many it’s not because of a lack of effort.  If you suffer from insomnia and have trouble sleeping no matter what you try the Dr. Oz March 12 2013 episode may have the answers that you have been looking for.  Dr. Oz will be talking about different “sleeping types” and how you can find out which “sleep type” that you are.  Dr. Oz has the solutions for each sleep type so you can compose a plan to finally get the quality sleep that you have been lacking.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on today’s show :

Knowing Your Sleep Type Can Help You Cure Insomnia, Lose Weight, and Ward Off Disease

Knowing your particular sleeping type is critical for getting a good nights sleep.  Dr. Oz is going to discuss how food affects each particular sleep type and what you need to be eating (or shouldn’t be eating) for a full nights rest.

Dr. Oz is also going to explain how knowing your sleep type will benefit you in more ways than just falling asleep at night.  Eating the right foods will help you cure your insomnia with the added benefits of helping you to lose weight and even prevent disease!  So if you have been suffering from sleeping problems make sure you tune in to the 3-12-2013 episode so you can write down all of the foods that you should be adding to your shopping carts and which foods you should avoid.

Dr. Oz will be revealing a customized plan for each particular sleep type so there will be no “guesswork”.  This just may be the episode that allows you to take your life back and live each day with energy while sleeping like a baby all throughout the night.

Guest Speakers : Michael Grandner, Michael Breus

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