Dr Oz, Snoring Humidifier Remedy, Nasal Dialator Strip, Sleep Position

Dr. Oz Talks About Snoring Remedies : Nasal Dialator Strips, The Best Sleep Position and Nasal Dilators

Are you tired of your partner snoring at night? Or are you the “snoring culprit” that is causing someone close to you to be unable to sleep at night?  Dr. Oz said that snoring can give you clues about your health.  Once you find out the reason you can begin working on the solution to your problem.  Here are some explanations that Dr. Oz gave on today’s episode :

The “Snorter”

This type of snorer is usually caused by a deviated septum.  Dr. Oz suggested looking into a mirror and try breathing into each nostril while holding your other nostril closed with the other finger.  If your nostril (that your breathing through) collapses you are probably a “snorter” while you sleep at night.

Dr. Oz suggested trying Nasal Dilator Strips to help open up the breath-way in your nostrils.

What Is The Way To Sleep To Prevent Snoring?

According to Dr. Oz the most common type of snoring is when you hear a “whistling” type of sound.  This is usually cause because your gongue is partially blocking your airway.  This usually occurs to people who sleep on their back.  Dr. Oz said that the best way to remedy this type of snoring is to sleep on your side while holding on to a pillow.  This type of sleeping is also good for your posture.

Humidifier Snoring Remedy for “The Growler”

“The Growler” describes the type of snorer who makes a rumbling sound in the throat while they sleep.  This can be caused by swollen lymph nodes or tonsils in the back of the throats.  The best way to remedy this type of snoring situation is to get a humidifier and turn it on 15 minutes before bedtime.  It will moisten your throat and reduce the build up of bacteria which may be contributing to swollen lymph nodes or tonsils.

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