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Dr. Oz Talks About “Freaky” Ways In Which You Are Aging Too Fast

We all want to age as gracefully and in a healthy manner so we can live our lives full of vitality with our friends and families for as long as possible.  Did you know that you may be sabotaging your health and wellness without even knowing it?  You can be taking years off your life and robbing yourself of memories with all of those that you hold dear to your heart.  Today (November 26, 2013) Dr. Oz talked about quirky behaviors and bad habits that could be shortening your lifespan.  During this segment Dr. Oz talks about how phosphoric acid that is in soda pop causes bone and spinal damage, why some plastics are bad for your heart, and why heavy periods can cause memory loss in women.

Phosphoric Acid in Soda Is Bad For Your Bones

soda and bone damage, soda pop osteoporosis

Dr. Oz talks about how soda pop can cause bone damage.

Are you a soda pop drinker who downs one glass after another without really thinking about the damaging long term effects that it may be having on your body?  Today Dr. Oz did a demonstration to explain why soda pop is so harmful for your bones.

Dr. Oz said that phosphoric acid is an ingredient that is in soda that gives it it’s dark color and sharp flavor.

  • In some epidemiological studies phosphoric acid is linked to lower bone density and osteoporosis. It is also linked to chronic kidney disease and kidney stones.

Dr. Oz suggested reducing your intake of soda in half by mixing it with club soda or carbonated water.

Heavy Menstrual Periods Cause Memory Loss

Heavy periods deplete your bodies stores of iron.  The quick depletion of iron can cause memory loss and other brain problems.  Fortunately you can boost your iron levels by eating iron rich foods and Vitamin C.  Eat iron rich foods the week before you have your period to help prevent memory loss.

BPA In Plastic Bad For Your Heart

BPA found in many plastics can be putting your heart at risk.  Plastic can also block naturally occurring hormones in the body.  Dr. Oz said to be weary of large plastic containers and “to go” plastics.  Do not heat plastics in the microwave. You should use glass or ceramic instead.

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