Dr Oz, Soda Causes Kidney Stones, Swelling, Prevention Foods

Dr. Oz Talks About How Phosphoric Acid In Soda Can Cause Kidney Stones and Swelling

Did you know that 1 out of 10 people will eventually be stricken with kidney stones and some point in their life.  Kidney stones are very painful and some people say that it is even more painful than childbirth!  Fortunately, kidney stones can be prevented by the foods that you put in your body and what you refrain from putting into your body (like dark soda’s!).  Dr. Oz talks about foods that prevent soda and how the phosphoric acid in soda can cause swelling in your kidneys and increase your risk of developing this painful condition.

Dark Colored Soda Increases Your Risk For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are so painful because they cause inflammation and swelling in the kidneys.  This can cause a great deal of pain.  Listed below are are tips that were given by Dr. Oz on today’s (March 4, 2014) episode.  He shares foods to prevent kidney stones and commonly held myths.

  • Be sure that you are drinking plenty of water all throughout the day.  Dr. Oz also suggested “drinking” your liquids through “prevention” fruits that have high water content like grapefruit, cantaloupe, strawberries, etc…
  • Drinking soda can increase your risk of developing kidney stones.  Dark soda’s should especially be avoided because they contain phosphoric acid, which puts you at greater risk of getting kidney stones.
  • One myth that you DON”T have to worry about is that “calcium causes kidney stones” because they don’t according to Dr. Oz.
  • If you have had or may be at higher risk of getting kidney stones, you should limit your consumption of nuts.  While nuts are very good for you, if you are prone to kidney stones they should be limited or avoided.

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