Dr Oz, Sofia Vergara Interview, Hypothyroidism & Cancer, Health Tips

Dr. Oz Interviews Sofia Vergara To Talk About Her Battle With Hypothyroidism And Surviving Cancer

On April, 18 2013 Dr. Oz will be interviewing Sofia Vergara (star actress from Modern Family) to talk about her struggles with hypothyroidism and her battle to overcome thyroid cancer. Sofia has a special talent to make people laugh, but on 4-18-2013 she will be talking rather candidly about some serious subject matters and how she manages to stay in such wonderful shape.

If you have ever suffered from hypothyroidism you are full of aware of how much of a detrimental impact it can have on how you live your life. Hypothroidism is when your thyroid isn’t making enough thyroid hormones that your body needs. These hormones control how your body uses energy. When you have low thyroid hormone levels it can have an impact on your entire body. You will feel fatigues, lethargic, raise your cholesterol, and even increase your risk for a heart attack or stroke.

So, how do you treat hypothyroidism? Sofia Vergara will share her strategies for overcoming hypothyroidism. Dr. Oz will educate the viewers about what hypothyroidism is, what it going on in your body, and treatment options to help you overcome this disease so you can get back to living a healthy, happy, and energetic life. Hypothyroidism can affect people of any age so be sure to tune in to this episode so you will have the knowledge in case this disease affects someone whom you love.

Update : The show has been aired and here are the segments that were featured on today’s show.

Sofia Vergara Talks About Sluggish Thyroid, Symptoms & Risk Factors – Dr. Oz interviews Sofia and talks about her thyroid cancer diagnosis at the young age of 28, as well as, symptoms and risk factors for a sluggish thyroid.  Also a home self test you can take at home to quickly see if you may have a sluggish thyroid.

Vegetable Powder & One Minute Veggie Soup – Do you find that your not getting enough veggies? Dr. Oz talks about how you can get nutrients from 31 vegetables in one tablespoon of vegetable powder.

Pumpkin Seed Oil and Eucerin Aquaphor Health Benefits – Dr. Oz talks about some of the greatest health secrets and how pumpkin seed oil & Aquaphor can benefit your heart and skin.

Sofia Vergara Secret Go To Weapon To Stay In Shape

So, how does Sofia Vergara stay in such great shape? Be sure to tune in to the show to find out all of her favorite health tips that have helped her throughout her actress career. Sofia will be revealing her favorite “go to weapon” that keeps her in tip top shape.

Dr. Oz Greatest Health Tips

Dr. Oz is frequently sharing health, diet, and exercise tips to help you to improve your health. Living a healthy lifestyle is key to losing weight and staying fit. Dr. Oz will be sharing his favorite health tips of all time. Will Dr. Oz be sharing any new secrets that may help you get your health back on track? Be sure to set your DVR’s in case you won’t be around a television on April 18th so you won’t miss out on valuable information that he is sure to give.

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