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Dr Oz Talks With Arthur Agatston (South Beach Diet Creator) About Weight Loss Tips – Cheat Foods & Gluten Free Foods

Dr. Oz invited the author and creator of The South Beach Diet Arthur Agatston to talk about “Fast Diet Tricks” and how you can lose weight fast!  If you have been struggling with weight issues or have been yo-yo dieting with limited success consider utilizing some of the tips that Dr. Oz and Dr. Agatston talked about on today’s show.

Fruits, Veggies, & Protein!

  • Eat “Stop and Go” Veggies – Eat red and green vegetables like tomatoes, apples, broccoli, celery, and bell peppers.
  • Eat a Bean Based & Lean Meat Proteins – Include bean based proteins with your meals. Also choose lean meats like chicken and bison.  Dr. Oz mentioned that diets that consist of 1/3 protein lose about a lb a week.

Condiment Alternative Tips

Dr. Oz talked to a woman who lost 20 pounds on the South Beach Diet.  He asked what one of her favorite tips from the South Beach Diet is.  She said that her favorite tip is to using healthy condiment alternatives..  Here are some tips to help add flavor to your food while helping you to lose weight at the same time :

    • Use hot sauce instead of ketchup
    • Swap mayonnaise for Greek yogurt

Instead of using cream cheese use light skim milk cheese

Healthy Dessert Recipe Tips

Dr. Agatston explained to Dr. Oz that if you eat dairy based desserts in moderation is a diet tip that works.  Here are the dessert ideas that were mentioned :

    • Ricotta Cream – Add a splash of vanilla and a little sweetener to skim ricotta cheese.
    • Chilled espresso custard
    • Chocolate Mousse

Don’t Go Shopping When You Are Hungry

Dr. Oz said that this tip is somewhat self explanatory but there is some science behind it as well.  Dr. Agatston said that when you are hungry your blood sugar drops.  This will tempt you to purchase unhealthy foods.  Here are the tips that he gave on Dr. Oz :

    • Eat a b-based protein snack before you go grocery shopping
    • Don’t go grocery shopping between 4 and 7 PM
    • Go shopping after you have eaten breakfast or lunch

Dr Oz: South Beach Diet Healthy Snack Ideas

Dr. Oz’s next guest, Elizabeth, is someone who lost 125 pounds following The South Beach Diet and she shared her favorite fast diet trick that helped her to achieve such great weight-loss success. Believe it or not, that trick is to eat away your hunger. Elizabeth told Dr. Oz if you get to the point of feeling hungry, you will get yourself into trouble. She shared some easy snacks that include a fruit or vegetable combined with a protein to keep you satisfied throughout the day.

  • Apple slices spread with peanut butter
  • Grape tomatoes wrapped in string cheese
  • Apples with cheese spread and almond slivers

Cheat Foods

Here are tips to help you satisfy your cravings for unhealthy foods (like waffles, french fries, etc…)

  • If you are going to buy waffles, buy whole grain
  • Sweet potato fries instead of french fries
  • Fudgesicle
  • Chocolate covered almonds

Dr. Oz said that data has shown that you will be more likely to stay on a healthy diet if you have a cheat day 1 time per week.

Dining Out Tips

When you are dining at a restaurant it can be hard to eat healthy.  Here are the tips that Dr. Oz and Dr. Arthur Agatston gave utilizing the South Beach Diet philosophy :

  • Have a protein snack before you go to a restaurant – Try snacking on a hard boiled egg, string cheese, or a bowl of soup.  Dr. Oz said that if you soup with a meal you will eat 135 fewer calories during the meal!
  • If you are going to have dessert you should share your dessert with the person that you are dining out with.  This allows you indulge without blowing your diet.

Choose Healthy Meats At The Deli Counter

  • Avoid honey flavored meats
  • Choose lean meats like ham, turkey, and roast beef
  • Don’t buy sandwich meats that contain starch fillers

Gluten Free Foods

Dr. Agatston (author of the book “South Beach Diet Gluten Solution”) said that gluten sensitivity is one of the most undiagnosed health ailment that we have.  He said that simply removing gluten from your diet will help you lose 10 lbs in only two weeks!  People who are sensitive to gluten are prone to have intestinal inflammation, poor absorption of nutrients (this can lead to anemia, hormone imbalance, and mood disorders), and autoimmune response.

Gluten Free Food Recommendations : Dr Agatston said that you don’t have to remove all grains from your diet in order to eat gluten free.  These foods are rich in fiber and protein :

    • Quinoa
    • Brown rice
    • Buckwheat
    • Millet
    • Cornmeal

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