Dr Oz, Soy Good or Bad? Best Soy To Get, Breast Cancer, Thyroid Risk?

Dr. Oz Answers Health Questions About Soy – Is Soy Healthy? What About Breast Cancer and Thyroid Risks?

If your health is important to you and you try to eat as healthy as you can, you may have become confused when it comes to soy.  There have been conflicting reports about whether soy is good or bad for you.  So, on today’s (January 21, 2013) episode Dr. Oz invited dietician Ashley Koff on to the show to settle this debate.  They talk about if Soy increases your risk for breast cancer or if it could be harmful to your thyroid.  They also talk about the best soy products to buy and a list of the ones in which you should not get.  If you have been confused about the Soy debate, you are definitely not alone.  Listed below are the topics that were discussed on today’s show.

Is Soy Good or Bad For You?

Dietician, Ashley Koff answered this by saying that soy is good for you because for several reasons.  Soy helps to lower your LDL cholesterol and lowers your blood pressure as well.  Ashley said that Soy can reduce your risk for heart disease because it is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Healthy benefits of soy include :

  • Helpful in lowering your blood pressure
  • Rich in fiber and protein
  • Reduces the bad (LDL) cholesterol

Does Soy Increase Your Risk For Breast Cancer?

Ashley Koff explained to Dr. Oz and the audience that when people hear that soy has estrogen in it, they get nervous.  However, Ashley says that the kind of estrogen that is in (whole organic) soy is called phytoestrogen, which is plant based.  She said that plant based estrogen is good for us.

So does soy increase your risk for breast cancer?  Ashley Koff said that when consume the healthy forms of soy it is not only healthy, it will lower your risk for breast cancer rather than increase it.  She said the type of soy that you should be eating should be organic, whole, and unprocessed.

Is Soy Bad For Your Thyroid?

Others are concerned about soy being bad for thyroid function.  Ashley Koff said that if your thyroid is healthy then soy is not harmful at all to your thyroid.  However, if you are on a thyroid medication soy should be avoided because it can interfere with your thyroid medication’s effectiveness.

Soy Protein Isolate Should Be Avoided

Some kinds of soy are indeed bad for you.  Soy Protein Isolate is one of those forms of soy that you shouldn’t be eating.  Here is a list of soy containing foods that you should avoid :

  • Avoid soy sauce
  • Read labels and avoid foods that contain Soy Protein Isolate – This form of soy is highly processed and is bad for you.
  • Avoid soy chips

List of Soy Foods That Are Healthy For You

    • Organic soy milk
    • Tempeh
    • Edamame
    • Organic tofu

At the end of the segment Dr. Oz gave his opinion about soy.  He said that organic, plant based forms of soy is good for you.  They contain high amounts of protein, phytonutrients, and fatty acids.  However, the list of the “Bad types of soy” should be excluded from your diet.  He said that you should choose whole organic choices when you are at the grocery store.

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